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For the sway bar or pan hard bar, Speedway sells a good kit for $80, part # 910-49800raw. If you find it necessary to shorten the bar, cut the end with the sleeve off and use the sleeve you got from MAS.

The last thing you have to do is to set the Ackerman on your spindles. This is so much easier to do with an extra pair of hands. Install your spindles with the king pins. On the rear end housing, find the center of the axle shafts and mark it on the top of the housing. Slip a pipe over the spindle shaft. Heat the spindle arm next to the king pin boss and bend it so the eye is in line with the center of the king pin and the mark on the rear housing.

Cut a piece of the 7/8'' dom 44'' long. This needs to be tapped with an 1-1/16'' - 18 thread. It is not a common thread size and you probably won't find a shop with one on hand. They can be ordered from Speedway for about $25. You will need it for your drag link. It also comes in handy for chasing threads on final assembly. Now you can bend the arm for your tie rod clearance. Install the tie rod to see now much clearance you need. Heat the same area as you did before and bend the arm down so it clears the hair pins, spring and frame. After it cools, heat the area behind the eye and bend it so the eye is parallel to the ground.

Assemble the rear end, install the front hubs and wheels and there you have it. Your rolling chassis and you had all the fun and satisfaction of doing it yourself. Have a cool one, pat yourself on the back and send me some pictures.

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