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HCPPA NSW Review of Events 2007/2008

  • Hartley Vs Jaffna Hindu Tennis tournament 2007 was held on 7th September 2007 at Parramatta Tennis Centre, North Parramatta. Harley College won the challenging trophy for 2007.

  • The annual Cricket match 2007 was held on 28th Oct 2007 at Strathfield Park, Strathfield. Jaffna Hindu College won the challenge trophy for 2007.

  • HCPPA-NSW organised a get together on 23rd December 2007 to welcome Mr Chella Padmanathan, Vice-Patron,HCPPA Colombo branch and the Treasurer, HCPPA Global Trust.

  • HCPPA organised a get-together on 27th February 2008 to welcome Mr Mathivannan during his short visit to Sydney. Mr Mathivannan is the Vice president of HCPPA Colombo branch and the Secretary of Sri Lankan Cricket Board.

  • Hartley Vs Jaffna Hindu Tennis tournament 2008 was held on 3rd August 2008 at

Parramatta Tennis Centre, North Parramatta. Jaffna Hindu won the challenging trophy for 2008.

  • HCPPA-NSW organised a benefit show “Sivaji” in the Greater Union Cinemas – Burwood on 10th August 2008 in aid of School Development Fund.

  • $450 was sent to the School’s Computer Self Learning Centre to purchase 20 Optical mouse to replace faulty ball type mouse. Also $560 has been sent to the school to replace few faulty monitors and maintain the Computer Self Learning Centre set up by HCPPA- NSW.

  • HCPPA-NSW sponsored a special pair of Sports shoes to Vadivesharan Hariharan, grade 12 student, National Champion/Gold Medallist for discuss throw.

  • Hartleyites living in NSW contributed generously to raise $4,260 to help Nilojan who was suffering from kidney failure.

  • HCPPA-NSW branch is raising funds to construct a water tank in the school following the Principal’s request. Note that the drinking water facilities were destroyed by the tsunami in 2004 and not been fixed by the government authorities to date.

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      Srikumar Social Secretary HCPPA-NSW

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