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- some meeting of students too, whenever  financial help is provided by the schools, school associations, local authorities, regions

Physical exchanges are not a prerequisite in the setting up of a partnership though.

"European spirit"

- opening up to another foreign country  broadens the mind and erases geographical and mental frontiers

- new technologies extend visions and make it possible to travel abroad

- mobility is encouraged among our students who are gradually becoming citizens of the world

- education systems play their part through partnerships such as ours in making students more sociable, more flexible, more able to adapt to a changing world

- incorporating another " european" partner, in Germany or Spain, has already been done by a few schools and thus they foster the awareness of a european culture

Prospects for the future:

- schools are now keen and ready to make up for the shortcomings of the preceding starting year

- they will work jointly on their shared experience to improve relationships : projects are in their infancy and ready to grow

- the initial conference was a success in launching the project and it is admitted that a once-a-year-conference is a must

The joint projects, once started, prove very positive to establish a culture of cooperation, exchange, tolerance and mutual understanding.

There is shared confidence that once the foundations are established, progress will be quicker and more colleagues will be encouraged to join in.

The whole process is already constructive in language learning but also confidence building and self fulfillment

We are very grateful to teachers for the amount of will, determination, confidence and energy they have already put on the project. We are much impressed by what they have already accomplished.

On our side, we'll carry on providing the help of the institution we represent to extend the partnership as we are fully convinced we are working together in the right direction: towards foreign  partners who are our neighbours and  becoming   our friends .

" The only reward of virtue is virtue; the only way to have a friend is to be one"

Ralph Waldo Emerson,  Conduct of Life

  Mireille Golaszewski, inspecteur général d'anglais, Ministère de l'Education Nationale

           Renaud Sauvage, Bureau Europe et ouvertures internationales à la DRIC

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