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Peer-Evaluation Questions:


Was the essay clearly organized?  Why or why not?


Was the essay well-developed?  Why or why not?


Was the overall argument, presented in the essay, valid and effective?  Why or why not?


How might you improve upon the argument presented in this essay?

What are the rules for conducting a peer-evaluation?

Responses to evaluation questions should be:

Longer than a sentence

Worded in a positive way

Not be affected by personal biases


Part 1 (In-class)- You will conduct an evaluation session, over a student sample essay, with the other members of your group (who were assigned the same school-oriented, controversial issue as you).  Before your group begins evaluating the student sample essay, make a new page on your wiki entitled “Peer-Evaluation Practice” and list the page on the navigation bar of your wiki.  During the small-group, evaluation session, record at least three other students’ comments, about the student-sample essay, that you particularly agreed with or disagreed with on your “Peer-Evaluation Practice” page.  You should also explain why you agreed or didn’t agree with the comments that you chose to record.  In addition, use the criteria provided in the Peer-Evaluation Rubric to make comments about the student-sample essay during the evaluation session, so that other students have the opportunity to consider your opinion on the validity and effectiveness of the essay.

Part 2 (Due In-class)- After you have conducted the small-group, evaluation session, over the student sample essay, go to the home page of the class wiki.  Upload a Microsoft Word file entitled “Peer Evaluation” from the home page.  The “Peer-Evaluation” file will contain the same Peer-Evaluation Rubric and Peer-Evaluation Questions that appear on this hand-out.  Open the “Peer-Evaluation” file in Microsoft Word and fill-out the Peer-Evaluation Rubric and Peer-Evaluation Questions for the student sample essay.  When you have finished filling out your peer-evaluation for the student sample essay, click “File” at the top of the screen and select “Save As.”  Rename the file “Peer-Evaluation Practice.”  Once the “Peer-Evaluation Practice” file has been saved, upload the file onto your “Peer-Evaluation Practice” page, and insert it beneath the comments that you recorded from the small-group, evaluation session.  I will provide

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