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Symbol of reconciliation, peacemaking and pacification

Let Me Be Free

It amazes me how women walk around with a false-perception of themselves that says nothing about who they really are. And how they react when a man compliments them or speaks kindly of them simply because he was lucky enough to get close enough to get a glimpse of essence. Women have this look on their face one of question or disbelief, wondering if he really means it or if he is just trying to get something from them. The thought never crosses their mind that the guy could be genuine and that they are worthy of nice treatment.

My Question to these women is, “When is it Okay?” When it is okay for a guy to look at a woman, dig deep inside, tell her what he thinks, and it not be about getting in her pants. When is it okay for a man to tell a girl he is clearly interested in that she’s beautiful while looking straight into her eyes and not get the reaction of her looking away, laughing, and saying, “Oh Stop it.” Let me know when its okay and I’ll unlock the floodgates of expression that experience and circumstance have held closed for so long.

“Let Me Be Free…”

  • to communicate to you beautiful the simple little things that you do and say that seem to

make you more and more attractive. Let me be free to bring to reality through my words and actions the fact that your beauty is more precious than silver and your character more precious than gold. If you would only let us be free my sistas. I think you would walk with more purpose, talk with more confidence, keep your head high in any situation, look injustice in the eye and call it by its rightful name, be able to get that job because you know your qualified, be able to eliminate all insecurities, and be able to love a whole lot more freely. But that’s only if you let us know when men like me can be free.

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