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Día 4-El aeropuerto y la aduana: Quito, Ecuador

As the students enter el aeropuerto, their pasaporte will get stamped. Los

pasajeros will locate los asientos for the flight to Quito. The classroom will be set up

like un avión and students will locate their seat. While abordo, students will watch

an in-flight movie. I have selected Global Trekker: Ecuador. This introduction to

Ecuador will begin the journey.

Días 5, 6 &7-Las Islas Galápagos

Charles Darwin Foundation, Galápagos Islands: http://www.darwinfoundation.org/

Our first adventure in Ecuador begins with the infamous Galápagos Islands,

home to a variety of endemic species. Here, students will island hop in hopes of

viewing the animals that inhabit these majestic islands (Española, Isabela, San

Cristóbal y Santa Cruz). They will break up into exploratory research groups. Each

group will receive a set of animal pictures and words cards in Spanish to match

accordingly. After they match the animals, they will divide them up among their

biomas. One follow-up activity will be a trip to the Bronx Zoo to explore and

experience some of these these animals. Pictures taken on my trip can assist

students, as well as enhance our zoo trip. These pictures can be shared on a

SmartBoard. After the trip to the zoo, each bioma will construct an animal from clay.

The students will be able to identify, describe and categorize the animals in Spanish.

Días 8 y 9-El Mercado de Otavalo

A trip to Ecuador wouldn’t be complete without a trip to one of South

America’s largest, if not the largest, outdoor market. Most students never experience

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