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it is about chocolate, one of Ecuador’s domestic products. In they end they also

enjoy drinking the tasty beverage.

Día 13-El mundo

As the students have had the opportunity to explore those elements found in

Ecuador, it is imperative that they are able to relate these topics and areas of interest

to their own lives and communities. One local resource I have discovered is Whole

Foods Supermarkets. Part of their business plan and measure of success is “The

Sustainability and Development” of their products and environments:


Students need to be made aware of the global economy and economic

markets in their own backyard. They can further research and encounter other

programs and environmental projects in the area. One example of an ongoing

environmental project is the electric company’s exploration of windmills as a free

resource. Currently, these windmills are generating electricity. While implementing

these new devices, they continue to develop educational plans with local schools and

energy consumers in mind.

Día 14-Día de la batalla de Pichincha, el 24 de mayo

This day is an important day in Ecuadorian history. A culminating

celebration could end on this day, having studied and worked with Ecuador

throughout the school year. While this “virtual tour” has opened the eyes of my

students, it has only shown them a minute fraction of this impressive, yet hidden,

country. Students will have a better understanding as to its importance on a global

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