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Web Address: www.ncracpe.org Gary Sartain, Regional Director Cheri Millette, Administrative Coordinator

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NCR ANNUAL MEETING AT CHULA VISTA “CPE Supervision & Chaplaincy as an Ethical Enterprise”

Meaningful Worship; Quality Education; Productive Business; Banquet Fun!

  • Meaningful Worship reminded us throughout the conference that we are de-

pendent upon and accountable to the Holy One. Advocate Christ Hospital and Chaplain Phyllis Toback opened the conference by using the ethical digression of David, the challenge to him by Nathan, and David’s subsequent repentance (as recorded in II Samuel 11 & 12) as a call to us to live by high ethical standards and a message to us that in our brokenness we can be forgiven, if we, too, repent. People were invited to reflect on their relationships with the Divine, others, and themselves and write down where they fell short, depositing the writings anonymously in a con- tainer. All responses were ceremoniously shredded at the conclusion of the confer- ence to remind us that, having repented, like David we are forgiven to start anew. The pictured drawing from the service bulletin cover was created for the occasion by Christ Advocate CPE Resident, Stephen O'Brien. On day two we honored and celebrated the work among us of our latest retirees, Dick Gerber, Jim Gibbons, Gene Leffingwell and Mary Wilkins. Also honored because he was erroneously omitted last year was Bill Miller. This was followed on day three by a Service of Remembrance in which we celebrated the lives & work among us of Edward Mahnke and Barbara Bohrer.

Quality Continuing Education was provided by our guest speaker, Anne Underwood, Lawyer and Consultant to the ACPE Ethics Commission. Anne provided a framework and invited us to consider what constitutes “moral” chaplaincy or CPE supervision. We looked at the moral principles and theological and relational virtues that undergird our work, consider- ing whether and where these might conflict in personal, chaplaincy and supervi- sory situations. We considered power imbalance as the source of boundary issues. And we analyzed specific cases put forward by NCR members who volunteered vi- gnettes. Anne cited some excellent resources for people who might want to ex- plore in more depth the issues she raised. The program committee had invited Cokesbury to offer a book display at the Conference, and they were well stocked with several of the titles that Anne referenced. More information and a bibliogra- phy on clergy ethics compiled by Janet M. Lutz for the ACPE Ethics Commission can be found on page 6. There is also information about the pre-conference workshop held by the Ethics Commission for the purpose of training people to be on regional ethics panels. Anne Underwood - Plenary Speaker (Annual Meeting overview continues on page 2)

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