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Several of our Supervisors are currently facing diffi- cult and trying times with illness and loss. Prayers were lifted up at our Annual Meeting, and we in- vite continuing prayers for the following who were unable to be with us at that event for the reasons listed:

Bill and Marilyn Miller - Marilyn is suffering from a very painful and debilitating skin disorder.

Phil and Jean Olson - Jean is struggling with back problems that precluded their attending the annual meeting in Chula Vista where Phil was to belatedly received his distinguished service award bestowed upon him in 2001. Phil writes: “Thanks much for all the prayers and concerns for Jean's recovery. Being on the other end of pastoral care reaffirmed the value and importance of our teaching and practicing of ministry. I can say I now know why persons who had received sensitive pastoral care never got over thanking you for it. Just to know you were praying for her, keep my fear and anxiety under some control. The prayers seem to have been answered. Instead of performing a surgery, they decided to give her an epidural steroid drip to al- leviate the pain. It has worked so far.”

Sue Ott-Holland - After having lost her brother ear- lier in the year, Sue has now lost her mother as well. While her mother's health had been in decline over the past year, the death was not expected.

Nancy Wigdahl - Nancy's nephew died unexpectedly. He was in his mid-twenties.

John Bollinger on the death of his aunt.

Charlie Goldsmith - Charlie is recovering from a fall. He writes: “On Labor Day Weekend I fell off of a stool, while changing a light bulb, and broke my right arm (humerus bone) and am trying to recover. I fi- nally was able to get to Alexian Village this week, where Gene Leffingwell is filling in and taking over the CPE program, so I can finally get retired. My phys- ical therapist tells me I have a month or so of therapy left to get my arm working (reasonably). It is very dif- ficult to see myself out of a CPE program after all of these years, but I guess the time comes."

Audrey Zimmerman on the illness, then death Oct. 27th of her mother, Margaret Dickey.

Wisconsin Supervisor’s Fall Ed. Event Door County, WI

The Wisconsin Supervisors met at St. Joseph’s Retreat Center in Jacksonport, WI September 22-24. The pre- senter was retired Supervisor Don Shmauz, who led the group in conversation and experiential exercises regarding bioenergetics and Lowen’s typology of the creative, loving, enduring, challenging, and achieving personality types. Don told a wonderful story about Virginia Satir who talked about a huge metal “multi- use” pot from her childhood that had been used to

make soup for big gatherings, soap for the family, and to hold the “slop” or fertilizer for the garden, etc.

Don suggested that the three

Kate, Kathy, Ed, Janice & Walter

hit the floor for experiential learning

uses were analo-


o u s t o t h

e s i t u a -

tions we create for ourselves in life. We can be in the “shit” pot, the “soap” pot, or the “soup” pot, with the latter represent- ing integration or a full, healthy life. When we find ourselves in the “shit” pot, we have to be intentional about moving into the “soap” pot, as a way to ulti- mately get into the “soup”.

Doing so requires intentionally taking a stance in life that involves:

  • giving thanks for the abundance of the universe— choosing a basic positive stance that says the world is primarily a beneficent place, rather than asserting it is “out to get us”

  • practicing forgiveness—something that can’t come from the head, but must come from the heart, be- cause “to forgive” is not a rational act

  • practicing “innocent perception”—that is observ- ing and taking in data without making value judgements about it

Don Schmauz 5570 Woodland Drive Waunakee, WI 53597 608-849-7794

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