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ACPE Ethics Commission Pre-Conference Training Workshop

The ACPE Ethics Commission held a two-day pre- conference workshop for people willing to be trained as regional review (fact-gathering) and regional hear- ing (fact-finding) panelists. Attending from our region were Phyllis Toback, Jim Tonneson, Laura Kelley, and Janet Labrecque. Ken Siess, Commission Chair also attended, as did previously trained Kathy Turner and Larry Shostrom, who assisted presenter, Anne Underwood with a case roll play. Kathy was the third-party complainant, and Larry the alleged “bad boy”.

Chaplain Rhodes(Larry Shostrom) and the complainant (Kathy Turner) played their adversarial roles to the end!

Also attending were John Swift from South Central Re- gion, Father Carl Buxo from East Cen- tral Region, and Sat Kartar Kalsa- Ramsey and Ken McCullough from Pacific Region.

Costs were partially underwritten by the Ethics Com- mission, with the remainder shared on a proportional basis by the Regions involved.

Ethics and ACPE

Anne Underwood advised the assembly during her presentation at the NCR Annual Meeting that ACPE seems to have the issues of sexual boundary violations behind us. Most current complaints seem to be around supervisory be- havior that is perceived or received as verbally or emotionally abusive or invasive, and it seems to arise when supervisors do not recog- nize the power imbalances inherent in the supervisor-student relationship, or tend to gen- der, cultural or theological biases and differ- ences. In recognition of that fact, and to assist us in continuing our education on this topic, we in- clude those publications from a bibliography pro- duced for the ACPE Ethics Commission by Janet M. Lutz that deal with this issue:

BIBLIOGRAPHY: CLERGY ETHICS (bolded items referenced by Anne Underwood)

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Janet’s full bibliography with books that focus specifically on sexual boundary issues as well can be found on the NCR website.

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