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Readjustment Counseling Service Vet Center Report

The psychological services address issues such as PTSD, drug and alcohol abuse, and sexual trauma. Vet Center staff may either directly provide the psychological care needed or refer the veterans to other sources of treatment. For example, veterans who need medications or inpatient care for PTSD are generally referred to the VAMC.

In FY 2008, RCS reported that Vet Centers provided services to 167,034 unique9 veterans; 97,124 (58 percent) of these were OEF/OIF veterans. RCS also reported that 67,334 of the 167,034 (40 percent) of the veterans seen in FY 2008 were not seen at any other VA health care facility in FY 2008. The total number of veteran visits was 1,059,755. They also serviced 12,517 unique family members for a total of 53,064 family visits.


Vet Centers assist war-zone veterans and their families through various services they provide. Client services provided by Vet Centers include:

  • Psychological counseling and psychotherapy (individual and groups).

  • Screening and treatment PTSD.

  • Substance abuse screening and counseling.

  • Employment/educational counseling.

  • Bereavement counseling.

  • Military sexual trauma counseling.

  • Marital and family counseling.

  • Referrals (VA benefits, community agencies, and substance abuse).

Veterans’ social concerns are usually addressed in a few visits. Vet Center staff may refer clients to other VA and non-VA programs, thus limiting the number of visits needed.

Veterans with psychological problems such counseling. Over 40,000 veterans were approximately 4,000 clients were seen for information request results.

as PTSD require multiple visits for ongoing counseled for PTSD at Vet Centers, and other clinical issues according to the OHI

Figure 3 shows the total number of visits by service for FY 2008. We received the data from the RCS Service Activity Reporting System (SARS) database. 10

9 10 Unique patients are counted by the number of individual Social Security numbers extracted from VA patient files. SARS contains Vet Center workload data.

VA Office of Inspector General


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