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Bark Heard Around the World (Continued)

“Thank you for all your support!”, barks PMR Raggette Anne

the need for homes for the dogs released from the mills and special considerations when considering adopting a mill survivor.  

M.C. services were provided by Shari who did an awesome job of keeping the group going.  And, a special thank you to Cheryl, Eileen and the unnamed for organizing the event and the countless people behind the scenes contributing to make this first event a success.

heartwarming, informative and educational information about mill survivors.  Our thank you to: Frank McMillian, DVM of Best Friends Sanctuary, UT, Mike and Dana Harder, European Hockey League &   President of Bill Alder Books; The Men of Rescue Ink, ww.rescueink.com; Puppies are Biodegradable from the Art Gallery of Philadelphia; Carl Darby, DVM.,  Seneca Falls, Robin Pressnall, Small Paws® Rescue, Executive Director; and Jessie Smith, PA Department of Dog Law Enforcement.

People attending the event shared information about their mill survivors, had an opportunity to talk with the rescues about

Your support makes it possible for PMR to continue saving, rehabilitating and finding forever homes for puppy mill dogs.  Thank you!  

McKinnon, released and rescued to learn about freedom.

groups working together, coordinating the transport, McKinnon made her way to freedom with several others that day.  

Many rescue groups work independently, but with the recent increase in the number of dogs being released from mills the most effective way to reach the goal is for groups banning together for the common cause. This concept may be unique to some, but many of the groups have been successful in working in unison.  Some of the interactions may take place behind the scenes, unknown to many, but the rescue communications spread quickly and those willing to help with a transport or intake may find themselves the recipient of similar aid in the

When the call comes out that a mill dog is being released, often there is little to no time to react.  All too frequently there is little time to organize, yet alone determine the best immediate location for the dog.    Rescues working together can often come to a quick solution and this in turn saves lives.

Recently when Puppymill Rescue was contacted about a German Shepherd that was to be released or destroyed, it indeed took several rescue groups working together to save this creature.  Being a large breed dog, Puppymill Rescue generally does not have foster homes ready to take the larger breeds and often must say no.  But, working with Beverly Shelter, they agreed to shelter the girl if she could be transported.  With multiple

Working Together for a Common Cause

future.   So, what’s in it for the rescues to work together?  Well, if we all focus on the end result, which is saving, rehabilitating and re-homing more throw-away dogs, then we all win.

Summer 2008 Volume 2, Issue 1 Puppy Mill Rescue www.puppymillrescue.com

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