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A special message from PMR

Puppymill Rescue

Puppymill Rescue, Inc.

c/o Jeannine McCollum

74 Abbington Lane

Sewell, NJ 08080



Web Site:


Puppymillrescue was founded in May 1999 by Jean Kenney. It was formed because she felt there was a desperate need to have an organization to help the puppy mill dogs get out of Missouri and escape what had been their fate for many years, death and worse!

To her dismay, she discovered that most of the dog breed clubs would not help to support the rescue of mill dogs. PMRescue list was formed and a small website developed.  At the time, Jean had four dogs for adoption that were rescued from a Missouri auction with the help of a Missouri resident.

In December 1999, application was made for non-profit status as a corporation in the State of Florida and with the Internal Revenue Service.   Today, Puppy mill Rescue consists of a small board of directors (5) and a team of volunteers who help on a daily basis. There are no paid staff; it is all volunteer.

Our rescuers, Board members and Foster Mom's are the backbone of PMR.  Without their dedication to these dogs, all would be lost.   They work, from their own homes, helping and loving back to health puppy mill dogs who have been dumped by puppy millers because the miller no longer has any use for the dog.  

And so they........ the sore, pathetic, scared, shy, terrified bundles of fur are welcomed into our rescue and taken under our rescue angel's wings.  Loving nursed to health, sometimes requiring multiple surgeries, countless veterinary appointments and even more countless hours of worry.  

We have come a long way and are very grateful to each and every person who has given of themselves to help over 2000 of these dogs get a wonderful forever home.

For the ones who cannot speak for themselves, PMR thanks you all for your loyalty and support.

You Can Help!

Do you igive?  Visit igive.com, register and select Puppymill Rescue as your charity.  When you shop online from participating stores, a percentage of your purchase will be donated to us!

Become a PAL – Support a mill survivor that has touched your heart with a monthly donation to support that pup while it awaits adoption.

Foster to help one of these special pups learn the joy of freedom and the love they deserve!

Visit the website and PayPal a donation today!

Federal Tax ID# 65-0980510

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