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Boy Scouts Beyond The Seas

The Boomerang or Kylie

This is a thin strip of wood made in a curve like a new moon, or even with an angle in it. The Australian throws it into the air and it goes spinning along in a wide circle, looking almost like a bird flying, till it comes quietly back and falls at the feet of the thrower.

I watched a black throwing the boomerang during my tour, and he made it fly very high over some trees in a loft-handed circle till it came back over his head, but then it changed its course and circled to the right behind him, and returned to him, thus describing a figure of eight in its course, flying, I should think, at least a hundred yards in all.

The war boomerang is not made to return; the thrower sends it flying low, close above the ground, very often timed to strike the ground close in front of his enemy, and then to bound up underneath his shield, just exactly as a bowler at cricket places his ball to bound just in front of the batsman and to get under his bat and into the wicket.

The returning boomerang is more used as a toy for displays at competitions, but it is also employed for killing birds, returning to the owner if it misses.

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