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Boy Scouts Beyond The Seas

feeling naturally resulted from, though it did not begin, the fighting. Both peoples were originally from the same stock in northern Europe before they came to South Africa. Both have earned their rights equally in South Africa, as can be seen from the following score-sheet:




First colonised the Cape and Western Provinces.

Colonised the Orange Free State, Transvaal.

Defeated Dingaan, Mosilikatze. Cultivated the veldt, raised cattle and horses and mules, ostriches, farm produce.

Produced men like Van Riebeck, Van der Stel, Pretorius, Kruger.

First annexed the Cape and colonised Eastern Province.

Produced men like Livingstone, Harry Smith, Cecil Rhodes, Bartle Frere.

Colonised Natal, Rhodesia. Cetewayo, Lobengula, Sekukuni.




Made railways, diamond mines.


Even in their quarrels the results have come out pretty equal-the British were defeated in 1851, the Boers in 1900. So the honours are equally due to both. Where each had such history and such rights, what was wanted was one single, broad-minded Government for both, in place of two Governments continually misunderstanding each other. This has now come about; the two Governments are formed into one.

There is therefore no longer any need for quarrelling; the two people can now settle down together again, but as one instead of two nations, and can work together in friendship for the good of the whole land.

There may be a few old-timers on both sides who will grumble about the past till they die. Let us hope that this may be soon.

In the meantime there is a younger and more sensible lot growing up, who can see the other fellow’s point of view. They will look to the good of the country as their first duty, putting their own personal feelings on one side. In this way they will raise South Africa to be really a great State among the other nations of the world.

In this grand work the Boy Scouts-Boer and British -are already taking a step by being brothers in that great brotherhood, and in Being Prepared to do their best for their country.

Old Table Mountain

The last I saw of our Overseas lands on my tour round the world was the top point of Table Mountain. A cloud had come over it out of a clear blue sky just before our ship steamed out of Capetown Docks, and as we slid out to sea with our bow pointed homewards nothing was visible of the mountain; he had completely hidden himself under a curtain of cloud. But as we drove. farther and farther away and could no longer see the shore, up above the cloud his strong, grey head appeared just as if to give us a smiling farewell before we sailed away for good.

I have seen the old mountain many, many times, but (as I wrote of him fifteen years ago) he always seems to me to have something human about him, something divine. I have been eight times in South Africa. Each time I started out from under the shadow of the great mountain, and

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