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Boy Scouts Beyond The Seas

went far across the veldt to very distant scenes, doing the work that had to be done, sometimes in sunshine, sometimes in rain; often well, sometimes ill.

Sometimes the work was difficult or unpleasant, sometimes easy and delightful – it all had to be done and then at the end of it I returned back to the old mountain. I always looked out for his rugged old head as I came south, and felt the trip was over only when I was back upon his shoulder again.

But it always seemed to me very much like our life. We start out from the hand of the Great Maker, and go for our trip in the world, sometimes in trouble, at other times in prosperity; sometimes praised, sometimes found fault with; sometimes having to tackle the greatest difficulties, and at others finding things running as smoothly as oil. But in the end we come back to our Maker, whether we have done evil or good.

Some who have done evil are afraid as they come back – they fear death – but the fellow who has done his best comes back with no fear upon him; he can truthfully say to God: “I have tried to do my duty – I have done my best,” and no man can do more than that; and he can go to his rest tired and satisfied.

For a Boy Scout this is easy. You know that your duty is to do your best to carry out 1st – Your Scout’s Promise, 2nd – The Scout Law. Remember what both these are; try to carry them out, then you will have done your Duty. Europe

From South Africa we hail back, up the West Coast past Nigeria and Sierra Leone with their Boy Scouts, to Europe. We coast along past Gibraltar, Spain, Portugal and France, in all of which Boy Scouts are to be found.

After a few hours only in England, I went on for a little holiday in Norway and here, as everywhere else, I found our brother Scouts “going strong.”

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