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Boy Scouts Beyond The Seas


Norwegian Scouts

IN Christiania I inspected a parade of nearly 800 Scouts; fine, strapping, big lads they were, too, just like a lot of British boys, and dressed the same as we are, and very lively and active. I had to present Colours to some of their troops, and their national flag is in some ways a little like our Union Jack.

The Norwegian Flag, which you will see is something like the Union Jack

Norwegian Scouts as were very lively.

And I told them that they were as like English boys as their flag was like ours, and that their forefathers, the Norsemen, were mixed up with our forefathers in the old days, and I hoped that we should all be mixed together, in a friendly way, in these days – as brother Scouts.


In England we are apt to look upon Norway and Sweden as almost one nation, but they are not so in reality. The Norwegians in the old, old days formed one nation with the Danes, but the Swedes have always been a separate nation, which has never been under the rule of any other people. And they are very proud of this. So when I got amongst the Swedes, I found a totally different people, but they were equally kind and friendly to me, and they had an equally British-looking lot of Boy Scouts. A large number of these had collected the day before I was to review them in Stockholm, and were camped there. So I went and saw them overnight in camp, and found them round their camp fires, cooking their suppers, as jolly as sandboys.

If they could do nothing else, they could, at any rate, cook their food very well.

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