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Boy Scouts Beyond The Seas

This sketch map shows you where the accident took place. What a Scout Would Have Done

One of our Canadian Scoutmasters told me that he was travelling in a train shortly after this accident, when some of his fellow-travellers were talking it over. They did not know that he was connected with the Scouts in any way, and one of them said:

“Well, I believe that if any Boy Scouts had been there they would have found some plan for saving those poor people.”

The Use of Knots

One thing is to be noticed in this accident, and that is the value of being able to tie knots, as all Scouts can do.

People often think: “What is the good of learning so simple a thing?” Well, here was a case in which that knowledge might have saved three lives.

When the ropes were lowered from the bridge they should have had a loop or two tied in them for the rescued people to put round them; or to put their legs or arms through. As it was, the ropes had no loops, and the people, not knowing how to tie bow-lines or overhand loops, were unable to save themselves.


This city is on the shores of Lake Erie just where the Niagara River runs out of it, and is so called because in the old hunting days it used to be the haunt of the buffalo. But it doesn’t show much sign now of ever having been a wild spot. It is a great manufacturing and commercial city, with fine streets and avenues, and what is most important, of course, a fine lot of Boy Scouts.

They gave a demonstration in a great hall which held over 4000 people, and it was packed full. In their demonstration there was not an item which showed any military drill, but they gave an excellent series of scenes illustrating the Scout Law.

Among other things they showed some very good work with a portable wireless telegraph mounted on a handcart. About 90 per cent. of the apparatus was made by the boys themselves. It worked perfectly; and carries messages five miles.

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