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Boy Scouts Beyond The Seas

these they did not stay long. So you see they were true Scouts in that way, too, and carried out the daily washing which the Boy Scouts do.

Scouts and Chocolate

Victoria in British Columbia is a great shipping port, and also has the Royal Naval Arsenal of Esquimalt (with the accent on the i); it has a fleet of seal-fishing boats, and it manufactures paint and beer and many other things. But the thing that I liked best about it was the chocolate candy.

Apart from its sweets, Victoria produces a very fine crop of Boy Scouts. Of course, they are not sweet, but, still, I thought them very good, and was mighty glad to see them looking so fit and efficient. And they are going to be more efficient yet, for they are starting Sea Scouts, and I don’t suppose any place in the world gives much better chances for sea scouting than does British Columbia.

Both Victoria and Vancouver will, I hope, soon have really good establishments of boats and crews.

There are grand wooded inlets from the sea in which to go cruising. These inlets run for miles inland among the forests and mountains, and many of them have never been properly mapped or explored, so there is a fine opening for the Scouts there.

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