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Boy Scouts Beyond The Seas

and suburbs, till we were actually steaming through the city itself right up to our landing-stage. But all this took several hours to do.

My first step on landing was to go off under charge of the Scout Council to review the Boy Scouts of Queensland on some bush-covered grounds near the city.

They were a fine lot of boys, all first or second-class Scouts and wearing many proficiency badges; and in their demonstrations they very soon showed me that they were jolly good at their work. First-aid was particularly good, and so were their bridge and but building.

And they know how to make use of their Scout knowledge when needed. Here is a case that happened only recently.

In a train running on the main line the alarm cord was pulled; brakes were applied, and the train stopped. A poor woman distracted with grief then sent a message down the train to ask whether there was a doctor on board as her baby was in violent convulsions and likely to die.

There was not a doctor on the train, but there was a Boy Scout. I don’t think that most Boy Scouts would have known what to do in this case, but fortunately this Scout did.

It shows you how necessary it is to Be Prepared for any possible kind of trouble, and not only for the ordinary ones. Our young Scout ran to the engine and got from the driver a bucket of hot water, and taking the baby he plunged it in and then massaged and rubbed it till it very quickly recovered.

I hope he tried the water first with his hand, otherwise he might have accidentally boiled the baby.

I heard of a nurse who was always very careful to see that the water was the right heat for the baby, and this is how she did it – you might tell the secret to your mother if she does not know it. She put the baby into the water and if he yelled and turned blue she knew the water was too cold, and if he yelled and turned red it showed the water was too hot! Some nurses are so clever.

A Bushman

High up on the hillside, from among the gum trees, I have been looking out over the woods and plains of Queensland. From over the top of the ridge the last rays of the setting sun lit up the tree- tops and upper stems with a rich yellow light, while I was in the deep cool shadows.

After being at sea, and in foreign lands and islands, it was very satisfying to be back on a great continent rich in farms and sunshine, and belonging to our own British race.

An Australian Bushman.

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