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Boy Scouts Beyond The Seas

At last someone (could there have been a Scout there?) thought of a way of catching fish, and made a fishing-line out of some of the women’s stay-laces with hooks made from hairpins and baited with bits of red flannel. In this way they managed to get enough food to keep them alive, though they had to eat it raw as they had no means of making a fire.

This rough sketch of New Zealand shows you some of the places I visited. Who Discovered New Zealand?

It is not exactly known who was the first white man to discover and visit New Zealand, but the Maoris have a story that a ship came there before 1740, but they could not say what country it belonged to, nor could anyone else, for the very good reason that the Maoris captured the crew and ate them, every one. Tasman, the great sea scout, sailed along part of the coast, but did not land.

It was not till Captain Cook came in 1768 that any real survey of the island took place. He came in a small sailing ship across these very stormy seas, on two different expeditions, to explore and chart the coasts and to get on friendly terms with the natives.

But at the very time that Captain Cook was there making friends with the Maoris, a party of explorers came from France and tried to gain a footing at the Bay of Islands. For a time they got on pretty well with the natives, but one day there was a quarrel and the whole party were massacred and eaten.

But Captain Cook managed things in a different way and got the name among the natives for absolute fair play and justice and fearlessness.

On more than one occasion he had one of his own seamen flogged for cheating a native; he insisted on giving fair payment for everything that was taken from the inhabitants. In this way he established a friendship among them towards the British, so that later on settlers came out from home and were allowed to start the colony which has since grown to be one of the happiest and most promising of our Overseas Dominions.

How New Zealand was Won in a Race

It was not till 1840 that the British Government finally made treaty with the natives, who handed New Zealand over to the British.

A few months later there arrived a French man-of-war to seize the country for France, but finding

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