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Boy Scouts Beyond The Seas


Melbourne lies on the flat, about five miles from the sea, with which it is connected by the little river Yarra. It is the finest city in Australia, and has very wide streets and handsome public buildings, and might very well be any great city in the Old Country.

The houses, the people, and the Boy Scouts all look and talk and do very much the same as those in Britain. One small difference is noticeable: instead of the ordinary horsed cabs or carriages, the Australians have covered waggonettes for hire on the cab-stands. And there are also cart-stands on which light waggons are always ready to be hired for any job for which you may need a cart.

Collins Street is the great thoroughfare of the city, and a very fine one it is. For anyone not to know Collins Street means that he has never been in Australia.

The Scouts of Victoria

In the big grass paddock in the park belonging to Government House at Melbourne, a great crowd assembled to see the rally of the Victoria Boy Scouts; and they made a fine show.

There were nearly a thousand Scouts on parade; but as Victoria is as large as England and Scotland together it was impossible for more than half the Scouts of the State to get there, although some of the distant troops sent a patrol to represent them.

The Scouts were a fine lot of lads and generally showed a great number of proficiency badges, and there were a good number of King’s Scouts. Two kilted troops with their pipers made a grand show, and there was a patrol from a cripple troop.

After the inspection by the Governor, Sir John Fuller, the different troops gave demonstrations; and these were excellent.

Fire-brigade work by the “Scotties” was particularly smart, very good tent pitching and fire- lighting, gymnasts, cycle ambulances; shocking accidents were treated by First-Aid Scouts, a rope bridge was rigged and crossed by His Excellency, and signalling was smartly carried out.

There was a very fine log-cutting competition by Scout axemen at Melbourne. I brought the winner’s log home as a sample to be kept at Headquarters.

Then there was a very fine log-cutting competition by Scout axemen, the best I have seen. The winner cut his log so neatly that I brought it home as a sample to be kept at Headquarters.

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