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Boy Scouts Beyond The Seas

Mud Island

At the south end of the island Of Trinidad there is a place called Chatham, and in November 1911 the inhabitants were surprised to see an island not far from the shore which had not been there before. At first - fire and mud and stones, followed by steady burning for a whole night, during which the island took this shape it was the shape of the of the upper sketch. And after the fire had burnt itself out it left a low island of about an acre in extent and only some four feet above high- water mark. It is called by the natives “Ba la Patte,” or “Shake-hand,” because they do not expect it to remain very long.

Islands of this kind are not uncommon. They are really a lot of mud thrown up by an explosion of gas deep down in the earth.

Every Scout probably knows that the inside of the world is not all hard Eke the surface land. The earth is ‘lot unlike an egg; it has a hard shell or crust all over its outside, but the yolk inside is soft, and in our case red hot. Thus bubbles and gas explosions are common inside, and these cause occasional eruptions the crust where it happens to be thin. These come in the shape of volcanoes or earthquakes, and occasionally, as in the case of Trinidad, mud islands, which stay for a few months and then disappear again.


Now we come to Cartagena (pronounced Cartahayna), on the north coast of Colombia, a fine old fortified seaport where much fighting was done in the old days. The town lies at the head of a lagoon or landlocked bay some ten miles long. To this there are two narrow entrances from the seaward which were strongly fortified, and the town itself has its walls and a castle on a commanding hill at the back. In spite of its strength, the gallant Captain Drake attacked the Place in 1586, when it was held by the Spaniards.

This map shows the lagoon in which Sir Francis Drake’s was anchored when he attacked the Spaniards at Cartagena in 1586.

He sailed into the lagoon by the Boca Chica entrance at four o’clock in the afternoon, and

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