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Boy Scouts Beyond The Seas

to the water’s edge on one front, and the Zoological Gardens are opposite the town.

It is the Zoo that interests us now, because in the Zoo are to be found – in addition to the monkeys, bears, and lions – the Boy Scouts of Western Australia. They have their camp there.

West Australian Scouts

Though not very strong in numbers they are very good at work. At the rally the troops marched in carrying with them the materials for their different displays.

One troop celebrated for its tramping camps brought all its cooking equipment with it; but more than that it brought its dinner ready cooked in the shape of a pig roasted whole on an iron spit, and a “damper” about four feet across, such as would damp the appetite of the hungriest Scout who ever lived.

There were bridge-builders, wireless telegraphists, ambulance troop with hospital tent all ready and equipped, axemen, thatched-hut builders, signallers, and horsemen. A tent-pitching competition by patrols was very smartly carried out.

Altogether there was lots to see, and the public learnt a good deal about Boy Scouts which they did not know before.

Perth (West Australia) Scouts in Camp

Life-Savers Then I had the special pleasure of decorating two Scouts for life-saving.

One, Scout McKenzie, had gone to the rescue of a man who had plunged into water out of his depth and was in danger of drowning.

The other, Scout Sibley, a very small Scout of twelve, had, when walking on the pier, seen a lady bather in distress and calling for help. There was no one any- where near, so the Scout at once dived in to her rescue. He reached her, and swimming on his back he held her up and towed her to the shore. But it was a long way, and he had to stop and float occasionally to rest himself, but he got there in the end.

If it had not been for his pluck and promptitude, the lady would have been drowned. So he

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