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Ross has cerebral palsy. After high school, he had to enter a nursing home because there were no other programs available that could meet his needs. Now, with the nonprofit organization Sunrise, Ross is around people his own age. He does woodworking and chores at the day program, goes to movies, plays pool with his teaching instructor, and visits his sister at home.

Sunrise Northeast is a nonprofit day program for individuals with physical disabilities. State funding and other contributions allow them to plan special activities geared to each resident’s needs and interests.

Target: The Hartford Courant

Feature Story: Hartford resident shares story that brings shelter living close to home in statewide, “Face of Nonprofits,” educational awareness campaign sponsored by the Connecticut Association of Nonprofits (CAN).

Aleta Alston Center City Churches MANNA Assistance & Advocacy Program, Hartford

“I had to surrender my pride and go into a shelter. MANNA helped give my daughter a place to rest her head. Nobody’s too far off from being in my situation.”

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    Aleta Alston, Hartford

Aleta was a college graduate, a Ford Fellow at MIT, and had helped produce a documentary on slavery that aired on PBS. She was also a single mother, pregnant again. When she fled an unbearable situation with her husband and could not stay with her family, Aleta ended up in a place she had never imagined. She had to live at a homeless shelter with her daughter because she did not have $900 for a security deposit. The people at the shelter kept Aleta’s spirit strong and referred her to the nonprofit organization, MANNA, for help. They gave her confidence and helped her with the security deposit that got her back on her feet.

The program name “MANNA” comes from a biblical reference of providing nutrition to people on journeys. This nonprofit assistance & advocacy program run by Center City Churches Services helps individuals and families in need find a place to live, food to eat, and get their life back on track. Services include financial assistance, food pantry, transportation, soup kitchen, elderly nutrition program, and appliance assistance. For more than 32 years, MANNA has helped thousands of people. Each year they provide more than $100,000 in security and utility deposits along with 3,500 free meals per month.

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