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Vishon Kòrsou

Vishon Kòrsou is: looking ahead and plan which direction we want to take.

Vishon Kòrsou is looking ahead for Curaçao, to decide the direction we want to take. It offers e realistic view of our future, and covers a period of 10 to 15 years in which the whole community will help to realize the process.

Why Vishon Kòrsou

To improve things, we need change. To change we need to take decisions. To take the decisions that suit us best we need to look ahead. Looking ahead is developing a vision.

With everyone’s cooperation we can create a better future for all of us, for our children and for our grandchildren

The structure of Vishon Kòrsou

In order to work with a system that it as practical as possible, and taking our reality into account, the Vishon Kòrsou process has the following structure:

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a vision based on seven areas of development; numerous strategies for each of the 7 areas that we can realize in a common effort; 8 core values that guide us; key benchmarks, so we can measure our progress as we go along.


Now that we have developed a shared vision that we want to realize, it is time for the most important part of the process: the implementation. The implementation is in the hands of the ‘partnernan vishonario’ (visionary partners) who adopt the document and some of the strategies that they are involved in. ‘partnernan vishonario’ are social groups, religious groups, governmental departments en youth organizations. Through these groups every member of our community can deliver an important contribution in the realization of our vision.

Benchmarks are figures we use to measure progress, to see if we are realizing what we set out to do. It is also a good way of testing our responsibility: are we living up to our expectations?

The Tim Vishon Kòrsou agreed upon the following Key Benchmarks, which will be used to measure the Vishon Kòrsou progress each year to 2020. Achieving the benchmarks will require our working together in an unprecedented way on the strategies in the seven interdependent foundations. The Key Benchmarks are expected to be obtained in 20 years with an annual increment of change, and for each benchmark a yearly target will be set. Vishon Kòrsou identifies the future we want for Curaçao.

The Benchmarks will tell us:

  • 1.

    when we are successful and can celebrate; or

  • 2.

    when we fall short of the Benchmarks and need to review, revise and refocus our energies and


1. New Job Growth

Add the following net new jobs: better than zero in 2000, and 1,000 net new jobs per year thereafter with emphasis on creating value-added jobs.(1)

History: From 1991-1996 we added 1,340 (2) net new jobs per year and in 1997-1998, 1391 net jobs per year were lost

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