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2. Gross Domestic Product Growth (GDP)

Increase Gross Domestic Product per capita by 3% each year after adjustment for inflation.

History: From 1989-1995 GDP per capita had an average annual increase of 2.5% after adjustment for inflation and for 1995-1997 lost an average of 1.1% each year.

3. Income Growth

Increase private sector earnings per job 1.5% per year after adjustment for inflation. Reduce house holds with incomes below 10.000 guilders (adjusted for inflation) by 2% per year for ten years and 1% thereafter.

History: average private sector earnings per job increased 0.6% per year from 1989 to 1998 after adjusting for Curaçao’s inflation rate; from Naf. 24,900 in 1989, to Nafl. 26,166 in 1998. 41% of Curaçao’s households earn less than 10.000 guilders.

4. Skilled Work Force

Develop a skilled work force by:


increasing the graduation rate at least 5% per year for ten years and 2% thereafter, while improving the quality level of graduates and


25% of the existing work force taking a certified training course each year to match new job creation.

History: apparently only about 30% of young people entering the 1st grade are graduating from all secondary schools here on Curaçao.

5. Quality of Life

The eight Quality of Life priority Strategy Benchmarks and Health F1, Culture G1 and Youth H1 Strategy Benchmarks as a group, will serve as a Key Benchmark. The measurement for these Strategy Benchmarks will be determined in Phase II beginning September 1999.


(1) Value-added Jobs - In every community there are jobs that add value for export of goods or services outside the community to the rest of the World. Export of services include nonresidents bringing cash dollars to the community as convention visitors, tourists, students, medical patients or as the back office operation for a major financial organization. These value-added jobs produce the cash income for the community that provides the opportunity for jobs internally focussed. These internally focussed jobs are either:

1. local personal services jobs like barbers, accountants, lawyers, teachers, government workers and bankers, or

  • 2.

    jobs that sell products primarily produced elsewhere such as cars appliances or clothes

  • (2)

    CBS is the source for all data unless noted

Our citizens and the community will develop and use all these core values as guide posts as we pursu Visions and Strategies. Core values are character traits that provide guidance in daily decisions. Within the Vishon Kòrsou process we have identified 8 core values that we use as a foundation for the part of our character and are of decisive influence on our daily activities and the decisions that we take

Each individual and organization can arrange these values in the priority order they believe is most important. However, none of the core values should be excluded.

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