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type of education. This means we make optimum use of our languages to improve the success of all students in elementary and secondary education.

  • B.

    Age 4 to 20

    • 1.

      Develop a child-centered curriculum with self-learning technology that results in students who exhibit patriotism, critical thinking, teamwork, social/emotional-, entrepreneurial-, and technological skills, and ethics: moral and spiritual values.

    • 2.

      Expect each student to graduate from secondary school prepared with a basic education required to sustain self and the community of Curaçao and either

      • a)

        ready to go to work at a job needed on Curaçao,

      • b)

        go to higher (vocational) education, or

      • c)

        go to university.

This will require dramatic dropout prevention programs. High performance standards will be used for promotion at all grade levels and as a requirement for graduation. The business community will form an advisory council to describe the competencies needed.

    • 3.

      Improve the quality of our teachers and evaluate them on a performance basis.

    • 4.

      Increase the school hours and synchronize school hours with work hours.

    • 5.

      Increase communication and cooperation between parents and teachers that leads to a School Board and Parent Association Policy.

    • 6.

      Maintain respect for the individual student and create a desire to learn in each student by teaching the individual in the style he/she can learn in.

    • 7.

      Enforce the compulsory attendance law through age 15.

    • 8.

      Create a total art, cultural and music curriculum at every grade level available to every student.

    • 9.

      Encourage businesses to be directly involved in supporting education and individual students.

    • 10.

      Concentrate on the education of our young men.

    • 11.

      Make guidance available for teachers to be able to deal with social/emotional problems of their students and provide administrative support required to maintain discipline which is applied with love and respect.

    • 12.

      Provide health education, physical education, informal education opportunities, and sports opportunities for all students.

    • 13.

      Create sufficient educational opportunities for the mentally and physically challenged.

    • 14.

      Provide equal opportunities for every student.

    • 15.

      Create partnerships within the Caribbean region to enhance education.

  • C.

    Human resources & life-long learning

    • 1.

      Provide skills training necessary to create value-added jobs, train the current workforce and train the unemployed. A business advisory council will describe the competencies needed.

    • 2.

      Provide continuous opportunity for inhabitants to develop personally.

  • D.

    Higher education, college and university

    • 1.

      Produce more motivated teachers to improve the quality of the school system.

    • 2.

      Create a comprehensive higher education system by increasing the delivery of a 1 to 2 year technical/vocational degree, 4 year degree and graduate programs in Curaçao.

    • 3.

      Require high performance standards for admittance and graduation.

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