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*) The highest priority strategies within each foundation are indicated by bold type


II .Economic Development


Curaçao will have a sustainable, export oriented economy based on an inviting investment climate and providing adequate job opportunities for the local labor force..


  • A.

    Targeted value-added job sectors

    • 1.

      Develop a sustainable economy with a balance between the economy and the environment. Serve as a hub between Central & South America, North America and Europe. Understanding drivers in the new global economy: speed, telecommunications for data and voice, electronic equipment and services.

Focus on targeted sectors and provide the infrastructure, skilled workforce, marketing, government policies and incentives to make these sectors a success: tourism, transport and logistics, export, financial services, information technology, high technology and manufacturing.

B Business friendly tax and regulatory policies

    • 1.

      Reform the labor laws:

        • a)

          Flexibility of the labor force and labor regulations:

        • b)

          Deregulation, efficiency and transparency

        • c)

          Encourage labor participation of structurally unemployed

        • d)

          Improve the quality of the local labor force

        • e)

          Train employers in management planning and human resources development

        • f)

          Improve labor productivity.

    • 2.

      Create harmonious relationships between labor, business and government.

    • 3.

      Remove all policy induced and regulatory impediments to the growth of offshore finance, logistics, free zone and telecommunications sectors and other targeted sectors.

    • 4.

      Ensure that Curaçao has tax and regulatory policies that encourage international competitiveness and high productivity.

  • C.

    Value-added job creation for the targeted sectors

      • 1.

        Develop a policy and laws encouraging small and middle size business enterprise (SME).

        • a.

          provide business incubators to assist the creation of startup business

        • b.

          develop an entrepreneurial spirit among our people

        • c.

          provide the opportunity for basic business-related training for starting new business and for business feasibility assistance

        • d.

          maintain simple rules so that the less educated can begin and continue their own small business

        • e.

          provide capital for entrepreneurship at four levels: seed capital, angels (pre startup investors), operating loans and venture capital after startup.

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