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Fire Safety Management Plan

Notes on documentation

This procedure is part of a suite of documents covering fire safety. These include:

Fire Plan Part 1 - This document: Outlines the management systems used for fire safety in the workplace. Intended to be used in a H&S procedures manual.

Fire Plan Part 2: Outlines the specific contingencies in place, including identification of personnel and key actions. Intended to be issued to departments / sites as necessary as their main fire reference document.

Fire forms / log book: Forms recording the checks and inspections made in the workplace for fire safety. These can be either one single log book or a series of forms and records. These documents may be stored with Part 2 or can be stored separately, as convenient.

1. Responsibility for Fire Safety

As with wider health and safety, overall responsibility for fire safety rests with the senior management of the COMPANY NAME. Responsibility for the implementation and operation of the fire safety arrangements rests jointly with ???????????? INSERT JOB TITLE OF PERSON HERE.

The ?????? Manager holds responsibility for the alarm and emergency light systems (where provided), provision of fire extinguishers and appointment of competent engineers to undertake the installations and routine service requirements and will also oversee the appointment of specialists to undertake the fire risk assessments.

The ??????? Manager hold the title of Fire Safety Manager and is responsible for ensuring that all sites/departments are given the requisite information to enable the Business to protect its staff, visitors and property. The Fire Safety Manager will ensure that written plans exist for all sites, that training is given as needed, that this training is suitable and that any additional support required is provided.

2. Risk Assessment

COMPANY NAME will arrange for fire risk assessments (FRAs) to be conducted on all properties occupied by it for the purposes of its business, including both owned and leased sites.

Risk assessments will be conducted by a specialist as appointed by the Fire Safety Manager. IF TO BE DONE INTERNALLY STATE HERE WHO BY.

Risk assessments will be reviewed annually and the significant findings discussed between the Fire Marshal(s) and the Fire Safety Manager.

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