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Fire Safety Management Plan

5. Record Keeping

Each site will maintain records for the routine fire safety checks. Records for the last three years as a minimum will be held.

Fire risk assessments and training records are held by the Fire Safety Manager.

6. Security issues

COMPANY NAME is considered a low risk in terms of being a target of arson or bomb threats. Should threats be made their must be reported immediately to the Fire Safety Manager who will liaise with other senior managers to determine appropriate action.

7. Appointment of Fire Marshals and Fire Wardens

Each site/department has an appointed Fire Marshal to oversee the implementation of the fire safety strategies for their respective site, with the tasks involved in this being determined by the fire safety provisions in place.

Deputy Fire Marshals are appointed who will undertake the role of Fire Marshal when the Marshal is not present.

8. Fire Extinguishers

The Fire Safety Manager will appoint one or more competent companies to undertake the annual fire extinguisher servicing and the records for this are held centrally.

The Fire Marshals in the sites/departments have a monitoring role to ensure that the servicing is taking place as required and to report any defective units identified during the monthly inspections to the Fire Safety Manager.

Extinguishers are provided on the basis of advice from installing companies and/or risk assessment.

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