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Do you need AGMA? AGMA protects its members. We negotiate contracts, called collective bargaining agreements, that provide guaranteed wages, safe working conditions, rehearsal and overtime pay, regulated work hours, vacation and sick pay, resolution of disputes and protection against discrimination and abuse in any form. We enforce those contracts. We assure that our collective bargaining agreements provide for health insurance, pension coverage, and protection against unreasonable working conditions and unsafe work places, and we make sure that employers live up to their contractual obligations. We protect the legal, civil and artistic rights of our members, through an aggressive, litigious constant vigilance.

Does AGMA need you? The strength of the Union is in its members. Your membership and participation directly impacts on the strength of AGMA’s bargaining power when it negotiates your contracts with your employer. It is very important to make your employer aware, through your active membership, that contract issues are important to you. Strong collective bargaining agreements can be maintained only through a strong membership.

In seven right-to-work states (Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Texas and Virginia) you have the choice of whether or not to join AGMA. If you chose not to join, you give up a number of rights, including the right to participate in the formulation of collective bargaining proposals, the right to be a member of your negotiating committee, the right to attend and participate in local AGMA meetings, the right to run for office and vote for candidates, and the right to participate in contract ratification votes. For all other performers who work in the other 43 states, payment of initiation fees and dues is mandatory and you can not work for any AGMA signatory employer unless you satisfy those obligations. Working under an AGMA contract is a reciprocal privilege of timely payment of your dues and provides the funds with which AGMA negotiates and enforces your contracts and protects your rights, all at no additional cost to you.

How do I join?

Call AGMA’s Membership Department for information or an application. download an application from our website, www.musicalartists.org.

You can also

AGMA has a one-time-only Initiation Fee of $500. This tax-deductible fee may be paid by credit card or by check. The total fee must be paid by the time your income from AGMA engagements reaches $2000, or three years from the date of your first AGMA contract – whichever comes first.

Timely payment of dues and Initiation Fees is each members’ individual responsibility. Failure to satisfy your financial obligations will result in the loss of your ‘Member in Good Standing’ status, and make you ineligible to work for an AGMA company. If you are in arrears for more than 90 days you may be suspended and incur a reinstatement fee of $250.00.

Basic dues are $78 a year, paid in December for the next calendar year. Working dues are 2% of the member’s earnings up to a maximum of $2000 a year, and can be deducted automatically by the companies for which you work if you sign a check-off authorization. If you don’t authorize a check-off, it is your responsibility to make payments directly to AGMA.

Call the Membership Department - 212-265-3687 or 800-543-2462 -- for assistance with any dues problem or if you do not receive your current AGMA membership card.

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