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Career Jeopardy Rules and Instructions


Students can play the game individually by clicking the dollar amount in each category and answering all questions.

If the game is to be played in a classroom setting divide the classroom into teams, connect your computer to a projector and project the game on a screen or a smart board, and assign three students to administer the game: Host, Scorekeeper, and a Game Operator. You may also want to choose a panel of Judges (3 Judges).

Host The host is responsible for introducing the game, reading the categories at the beginning of each round, reading the clues, and judging the answers. The answers will appear once you click on the link entitled “Answer” below each clue.

Scorekeeper The scorekeeper is responsible for keeping score for all of the teams. If a team provides the correct response to a clue, they earn the value of the clue. If they answer incorrectly, the value is subtracted from their score. The clues range in value from $100 to $500 in each category.

Game Operator The Game Operator is responsible for running the PowerPoint game board and identifying the first team to indicate they know the answer (whether via a buzzer system, raising hands, etc.).

Judges Judges are responsible for determining if a close answer should be awarded points.


The Jeopardy “board” is a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and a Jeopardy board has been developed for each career cluster. To use the board, open the link for the cluster of your choice. The second slide in the presentation contains the grid of categories and clue values. Each clue value is hyperlinked to the corresponding clue in the system. For example, if you click on High School Diploma for $200 you will be taken to slide 6, which displays the appropriate clue. Once the clue has been played and the contestant has answered, click the link for the Answer to determine if the correct answer was given. A correct response earns the dollar value of the clue, and gives the answering team the right to select the next clue. Click on Home at the bottom of the slide to return to slide 2, which is the game grid. You will be able to tell which clues have been played by the values that have disappeared on slide 2.


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