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Here is an LCC formula for refrig- eration systems:9

LCC = I + E + Med + OM&R + Repl –Res + Ins + Env 10


  • LCC: Total LCC in present value kronor of a given alternative

  • I: Present value investment costs

  • E: Present value energy costs

  • Med: Present value capital costs for the media in use

  • OM&R: Present value non-fuel oper- ating, maintenance, and repair costs

  • Repl: Present value capital replace- ment costs

  • Res: Present value residual value

  • Ins: Present value insurance costs

  • Env: Present value capital environ- mental costs (due to emissions)

Faithful reader (and you are faithful if you’ve made it to this point!), you can see these three examples have a lot in common. More importantly, you understand that there is a lot more monetary commitment to any one item, or group of items, than that data normally recorded in our property con- trol systems under Acquisition Cost.

This life cycle cost concept truly links the “Assets” on the Balance Sheet to the “Operating Costs” on the Income Statement.

Understanding and using this con- cept under the guidance of a standard written by NPMA and vetted via the ASTM International’s process will, in your author’s opinion, further enhance our roles as Property Professionals by adding, significantly, to the ‘bottom line.”

Hopefully, you’ve seen enough to pique your interest and convince you that you want to be a part of this excit- ing process. There are several ways to get involved:

  • Respond to this article.

  • Write your own article.

  • Contact the author, and give voice to your opinions.

  • Join ASTM and be a part of the for- mal process.

  • Use the standards already in place.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Lyle V. Hestermann, CPPM ,CF 3222 N. Washington Rd., Ft Wayne, IN 46802



LYLE HESTERMANN CPPM, CF has 23 years in the Property profession, 32 years in the Army and Air National Guard, is the NPMA Foundation Administrator and the Vice Chair of ASTM Committee E53 on Property Management Systems.

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