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fox atter the chickens lessen the guard hears us. I'm goin' to hep you over the wall and let you down easy like. Don't you worry---Injuns in a dugout is awaitin’ right down there in that there moat that I knows all about now, to help us git away. I'll be comin, down soon's you Jerks the rope to tell me its free and loose."

Carefully over the wall went William, helped by his faithful servant whose great strength was again called for as he lowered his master foot by foot. His big, bare feet planted for support against the battlement made no sound, but when half the distance to the water William's foot struck an unseen projection with a resultant rasping sound, Cudjo and his burden froze in their places.

"Who goes there?" came a challenge from the guard in the tower. The black man crouched his huge form in the shadow, scarcely daring to take a breath. He could see the guard, gun at the ready, leaning from the tower's small window, head cocked to the side as he listened for a repetition of the noise, "I said, who goes there?" he called again. No response but the wail of the wind, and deciding that his ears had deceived him, or some small object blown by the gale had caused the grating sound, he returned to the comparative comfort of his nook in the tower.

Now Cudjo was a bit more hasty with his rope-work and was soon rewarded by a pull from the other end. Hastily, but silently,

he lowered himself over the battlement and began his own descent. Reaching hands guided him into the dugout which moved quickly and noiselessly along the moat, keeping to the shadow thrown by the wall,

"Now, Marse Willum, Don't you fret. These is good friends of mine. They' gonna take us to a Island away back in the swamp where there's a shelter they calls a chickee. It's a sort of headquarters for they fishermen, There's rations for us there and we kin hole up 'till you gits some strength back. Ilse goin' to take keer of you good. I couldn't stay on in the camp anyways 'cause soon as the Redcoats finds them bars broke aside, and the rope ahangin' over

the wall, and you gone, they'll figger I hepped you get away, Least-ways that's what I'm athinktn!"

"You are quite right, Cudjo", said William feebly. "You have engineered this escape in a most masterly manner. I am entirely

in your hands from now on. Please thank these kind men and promise them a reward. Now, I'm going to leave everything to you and get some

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