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This declarant's name is not on the pension roll of any state and he thereby relinquishes all claims to a pension except the present.

The following interrogations were propounded by the court - which have their respective answers annexed;

Q. Where and in what year were you born?

A. In Mecklenburg. County, North Carolina - 9th day of July 1758.

Q. Have you any record of your age?

A. I have none but arrive at it from information from my parents in their life time.

Q. Where were you living at the time you were called into service and where have you lived since the Revolutionary War and where do you live now?

A. I lived in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina in Mecklenburg until 1783, when I moved to Davidson County, Tenn., where I resided three years. Returned to Mecklenburg County and con­tinued to reside there until 1799 since which I have resided in the county of Wake - on the margin of the city of Raleigh where I now live.

Q. How were you called into the service?

A. By commission - 1st as a second Lieutenant next as a Major -then as Lieutenant Colonel.--

Q. Did you ever receive a Commission and if so, by whom was it signed and what has become of it?

A. I received my first commission as a Lieutenant from the public authorities of South Carolina, and does not now recollect by whom it was signed. I received my commission as a Major in like manner by appointment of the General Assembly or Legislature of North Carolina and do not recollect by whom it was signed - the state not having been organized under its present constitution -and I received my commission as Lieutenant Colonel Commandant from John Rutledge, Governor of South Carolina by whom it was signed and I lost the two first at Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, my papers having been seized by the British and my last commission as Lieutenant Colonel Commandant I have lost, how, where or when 1 do not know.

I knew in the service: General Washington, LaFayette, Gates, -and many others and Col. Parker of Virginia, Williams, Howard, Smallwood of Maryland and many others - Wm. Pickney, Meyers of North Carolina and the whole field of officers of the North Carolina line.

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