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Tne Progeniter of the Polk family is John Pollock, a gentleman of landed property near Glasgow, which he left to join the colony often mentioned in these pages in the North of Ireland. His son was Robert Pol lock, who married Magdalen Tasker Porter, the daughter of Colonel Tasker, who was Robert Pollock's commander in Oliver Crom­well's Army and the widow of his friend and fellow officer, Colonel Porter.

When the great Protector passed away and Charles II, came to the throne, Robert Pollock, like so many adherents of the Protector, decided to emigrate. In 1659 he "took ship" and sailed away from Ireland to the new country. He landed in Maryland and was accompanied by his wife and children. It is about this date that "Polk" was evolved from Pollock, and thereafter all his descendants so write the name. That Robert Pollock died in Maryland and that the use of Polk had become fixed, is evident as his widow signs herself, Mag­dalen Tasker Polk.

His eldest son, .John Polk, married Joanna Knox and had William and Nancy Polk.

William Polk, son of John, son of Robert, married Priscilla Roberts and had six children, namely:

(I) Charles Polk; (2) Susan Polk, (who married an Alexander): (3) John Polk: (4) Ezekial Polk, who married first Miss Wilson and second Mrs. Leanard, widow of Major Leanard, who was Sophia Neely: (5) Thomas Polk; (6) Margaret Polk, who married McRee..

Of these--(1) Charles Polk, son of William Polk and Priscilla Roberts, no record is given: (2) Susan Polk, daughter of William Polk and Priscilla Roberts Polk, of her no record is given: (4) Ezekial Polk, son of William Polk and Priscilla Roberts Polk, was born in Mecklen­burg County, North Carolina. He served in, the Revolution commanding a company, and was an important member of the colonies. He married twice, and had eleven children. His first wife was Miss (Mary)  Wilson, and it is probable that his children, William and Louise Polk, were by this wife. He married second Mrs. Leanard, widow of Major Leanard, of the United States Army. She was before her marriage Sophia Neely. She had eight children by Ezekial Polk.

Ezekial Polk's children were: William Polk, Louisa Polk, Mary Polk, Charles Perry Polk, Benegna Polk, Eugenia Polk, Clarissa Polk, Samuel

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