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associations, insurance and reinsurance companies, international financial institutions, consultants and other professionals became observers. This involvement reflects the increasing global nature of insurance markets and the need for consistent supervisory standards and practices. In addition, it recognizes the important contribution that strong supervisory regimes leads to financial stability. The IAIS provides an effective forum for standard-setting and implementation activities by providing opportunities to both practitioners and policy makers to share their expertise, experience and understanding. The IAIS’s activities are undertaken with active guidance of its Executive Committee, which comprises of 15 voting members elected from different regions of the globe and the Chair of the Budget Committee who is an ex-officio non-voting member. This is complemented by the Technical Committee, the Implementation Committee and the Budget Committee, supported by their working parties. The day-to-day business and affairs of the IAIS are taken care of by its Secretariat, located at the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland.

The IAIS develops principles, standards and guidance for effective insurance supervisory regimes. In doing so it helps to establish and maintain fair and efficient insurance markets for the benefit and protection of policyholders. The IAIS also prepares ‘issue papers’ that provide background on specific areas of interest to insurance supervisors.

The IAIS collaborates closely with other international financial institutions and international associations of supervisors or regulators and assists in shaping financial systems globally. In particular the IAIS is one of the constituting bodies of the Joint Forum and participates in all of its working groups. It is also represented on the Financial Stability Forum. The IAIS provides input to the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) for its work on the international financial reporting standards most relevant to insurers, and is a member of the IASB’s Standards Advisory Council as well as an official observer of its Insurance Working Group and Financial Instruments Working Group. It also has observer status on the Financial Action Task Force, which combats money laundering and terrorist financing.

The Authority is represented by its Chairman on its Executive Committee and by Members on the various Committees of IAIS looking into insurance contracts, accounting aspects, insurance laws, reinsurance, financial conglomerates, solvency, frauds, etc.

Joint Forum Working Group on Conglomerate Principles

The Joint Forum, which was formed in the early 1990s comprising of the three international bodies on regulation of financial sector, viz., BIS, IAIS and IOSCO, has been entrusted with the task of evolving policy papers on conglomerate supervision with particular reference, to capital requirements, risk management, fit and proper criteria, information sharing with supervisors, intra group transactions and exposures etc. Initially, this was meant for the use of G7 and European Union countries. The Joint Forum recently constituted a Working Group with a mandate to take stock of the implementation of the principles laid down in the papers of the Joint Forum by its member countries and by other jurisdictions. The Forum is keen to understand the approach of various jurisdictions across the globe on conglomerate supervision. There is also a felt need to compile comprehensive information on the actual policies in various countries on conglomerate supervision and cross border supervision issues for future work. In order to meet the objectives of the Forum, the Working Group has been constituted with the existing member countries plus three non-Member jurisdictions, one each from Asia,Africa and Latin America to understand the approach in the adoption of the underlying ideas and principles of Joint Forum on conglomerates by various countries in the world.

The Indian Sub-Continent is represented by the Member (F&I) of the Authority on the Joint Forum Working Group on Conglomerate Principles at Basel, Switzerland.

The Joint Forum as part of its mandate has drafted a report on implementation of the Joint Forum Principles on the Supervision of Financial Conglomerates. The objective of the report is to examine the extent to which supervisors across the banking, securities and insurance sectors have implemented the 1999 Joint Forum principles on the supervision of financial conglomerates. The report also identifies particular challenges in the implementation of these



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