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Further, the council put forward the industry’s view to the Government, IRDA, and other policy makers on problems confronting the industry as also to promote increased cohesion and cooperation between them. The Council also deliberated on ensuing level playing field between life and non-life insurers in Health portfolio and putting in places best global practices in the management of Health portfolio. On data matters, Council helped in building up an integrated data base for dissemination of information to serve specific operational needs identified by the industry, address the issue of fraud against insurance companies and to identify areas of growth and develop solutions to common challenges faced by the insurance companies. The Council contributed in effective and efficient management of motor T.P. Insurance Pool, management of segment wise common industry initiatives to address specific issues related to each segment of business and promote compliance with laws and regulations.

The Council has pursued the path of total consensus among the insurers on all industry issues and all decisions / resolutions / recommendations made have been unanimous.

Allahabad, against the Detariffing and hike in Motor T.P. premium. (8) Participated in seminars, workshop and committees formed by FICCI, CII and other industry association in matters related to the development of Health insurance.

vii) Functioning of Ombudsmen

The information on the complaints handled by the Ombudsmen during 2007-08 is given in Table 52. During 2007-08, 10865 complaints were lodged with the Ombudsmen against the insurers both life and non-life. Of these, 5565 were against life insurers and remaining 5300 were against the non-life insurers. As on April 1, 2007, there were 1947 complaints pending with the Ombudsmen for disposal. Of these, 603 complaints were pending against the life insurers and the remaining were against the non-life insurers. Taking together (those pending for disposal as on April 1, 2007 and received during 2007-08) the total numbers of complaints with the Ombudsmen were 12812 at the end of March 2008. Of these 6168 were against life insurers and 6644 were against non-life insurers.

The Council presented (1) suggestions on “Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill 2007” to Rajya Sabha Parliamentary Standing Committee and the Ministry of Shipping, Road Transport & Highways, Govt. of India. (2) to the Ministry of Shipping, Road Transport and Highways on Draft Carriage by Road Rules 2007. (3) to Chairman of the Supreme Court LegalAid Services and Hon’ble Judge of Supreme Court of India for expeditious disposal of Motor T.P. Claim cases. (4) to Ministry of Shipping, Road Transport and Highways to tackle issues related to enforcement of mandatory provisions of motor vehicles act as regards insurance of motor vehicles. (5) to the Ministry of Shipping, Road Transport and Highways for creating regulations to make installation of anti theft devices mandatory in case of all new vehicles. (6) Filing of Writ petition in the Supreme Court of India against misuse of provisions of Superdari under Criminal Procedure Court by police to hold vehicles recovered by them for unduly long period of time. (7) Defended of member companies in the matters of writ petitions filed by Truckers and Bus Operators Associations in various High Courts viz. High Courts at Ernakulam, Chennai, Madurai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bhubaneshwar, Guwahati and

Of the total complaints (12812), the Ombudsmen have disposed of 11393 complaints during 2007-08. Of the disposed complaints, 5778 were in the case of life insurers and 5615 were against the non-life insurers. As such, complaints outstanding with the Ombudsmen for disposal as on April 1, 2008 were 1419; of which 390 were in the case of life insurers and 1344 were against non-life insurers.

The disposal rates of complaints against LIC and private life insurers were 93.39 per cent and 94.77 per cent respectively. In the case of non-life, there were 5441 complaints relating to the public insurers of which 4603 were disposed during the year (disposal rate of 84.60 per cent). Of the 1203 complaints against private insurers 1012 were disposed off during the year (disposal rate of 84.12).

Around 58 per cent of the complaints in the case of life and 42 per cent in the case of non-life were treated as not entertainable by the Ombudsmen. Of the total complaints, the Ombudsmen have given awards for 2664 and dismissed 1156 cases. The Ombudsmen recommended to the companies 352 cases for settlement at their end.



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