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Eagles Mere Conservancy Newsletter

Issue Number 27


May 2010

Dear Conservancy Members and Friends:

Where in Eagles Mere can anyone of any age go for adventure, education, recreation or just a quiet moment? Where? Right here with your Conservancy! Take a look at our 2010 Program to see the many activities, events and resources that will surely fill your summer with new memories. Join us on one of our many trail hikes; be in awe of the brilliant star-filled sky at Astronomy Night; attend our Birds of Prey event to observe first-hand unique creatures of the wild; visit our Cabin to see and touch rare samples from our forests; listen and learn from our two skilled naturalists; or simply sit by the edge of the Outlet Pond and inhale its serenity. It’s all waiting for you to enjoy.

One of the Conservancy’s greatest assets is our nearly 400 acres of land that help you to reconnect with nature. Remember as a child when you searched for Salamanders, climbed trees, skipped stones in the water, collected leaves, enjoyed a picnic in the woods? Tragically, too many of us have nearly forgotten these childhood joys, and most of our kids have never had the chance to enjoy them at all. In a wired-world full of cell phones, laptops, IMs, PDAs, iPods, and text-messaging, we are consumed by a rat-race pace of life full of shallow experiences and impersonal relationships. That is why we come to Eagles Mere, to leave all that behind. And once here, author Richard Louv suggests to us in his best-selling book, The Last Child in the


to look for in the summer schedule

7:30 p.m. at the DeWire Center.

onomy Night with Freddie Holmes on the Field of Dreams at 8:00 p.m.

oods, a unique and needed prescription – NATURE! Louv’s research clearly reveals that “…direct exposure to nature is essential for healthy childhood development and for the physi- cal and emotional health of children and adults. Unlike television, nature does not steal time; it amplifies it…. Nature is reflected in our capacity for wonder. …And in nature a child finds freedom, fantasy and expression.” So, rather than lying on the Beach or hanging out at your cottage, share a journey this summer by participating in a Conservancy event or venturing into the woods with a child. Get your hands in the dirt, and explore this incredible world of nature. As you reconnect to the natural beauty around us, you will also help a child discover the magic of nature. Watch as it nurtures creativity and imagination.

Susquehanna - see calendar for more information.

ancy Event. Trail Clean-Up. Meet at 6:45 at The Cabin.

ancy Event. Lock-In at The Cabin. See the schedule for more details.

At the same time, please respect and appreciate our magnificent surroundings. We are all asked to be stewards of our precious environment. As we enjoy our natural assets, please remember to leave only footprints and take only memories. Your helping hand will preserve and protect Eagles Mere for generations to come.

As you look to fill your 2010 season, consider these lyrics from a Disney song: “When you imagine, time becomes timeless. When you imagine how things could be. Fantasy dances through all that you feel, And the dreams that you dream become real.” I invite you to bring your imagination to your Conservancy. Go out and play, be a child again, make a new memory and share a dream. See you on the mountaintop!

Steve Ryan

Natural Gas

eelings Reptiland presents “Reptiles: The Beautiful and The Deadly” at 7:00 p.m. in the DeWire Center.

with Ray Williams - Meet at the Outlet Pond at 8:15.


No issue may have greater impact on Eagles Mere than the exploration and drilling for natural gas, as over 1,750 wells are planned to be drilled in Pennsylvania.To date, the Conservancy views our role as one of an educator, providing for our membership and the surrounding community useful information, interactive forums and access to important material. While the Conservancy has no plans to lease any of our nearly 400 acres, the Board has agreed to have a title search conducted to determine if the Conservancy owns the mineral rights to our property. Knowing the results of this search will help our Board better anticipate what impact natural gas may have on our Conservancy and our assets.

The Cabin Sunday, August 15th 4:00pm

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