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alk Adventure

It’s been several years since we offered a Conservancy Stream Walk Adven- ture Program, so it seemed high time to do some stone painting, rock flipping and spire building. In early August we will explore Double Run in World’s End State Park. If you ask most people what animals they see in the stream, they might say they see fish, crayfish if they are patient and look carefully, and possi- bly some water striders along the slow edges of the stream. But brush off a rock in a tray and you will find a community of macroinvertebrates, those spineless wonders of stream bottoms. Many of these animals are larval insects, called larvae if they pupate, nymphs if they skip that stage. We will use lenses and easy keys to identify them so that we can assess the health of the stream. Water must be clean to support the most sensitive of these animals. We will be looking for stoneflies, mayflies, and caddisflies to confirm the health of Double Run. You can get a preview of what you might find under the rocks by going to <http:/ /www.stroudcenter.org/schuylkill/macroslideshow.htm>. The photographer is Dave Funk, an entomologist at the Stroud Water Research Center. He does some beautiful underwater photography, often at night when the animals are active. We will have the opportunity to be artists as well as scientists since we will explore the Look what we found!

multi-colored sandstone rocks and use them to create drawings. The various colors of the sandstone rocks are evidence of different formations from different geologic times. (Royer, Denise W. “Pennsylvania Trail of Geol- ogy, Worlds End State Park,” \http:// www.dcnr.state.pa.us/topogeo/parkguides/Pg12.PDF) As we continue our upward climb along the stream, we will come to a bridge. It is there that we will create stream spires. How high can we build them? How lovely can we arrange them so that other travelers will marvel at their design? Joining Irene in creative expression and serious in- vestigation is always a joy. Ray, my star-watching hus- band, will shed some light on the night sky. Please check the schedule for new offerings and old favorites. I look forward, as always, to joining you in another summer of discov- Constructing a stream spire Giant waterbug

A work of art!

ering and rediscovering this wonderful place in the mountains.

See you at The Cabin, Viv Williams

The Eagles Mere Conservancy Board is establishing a Junior Advisory Board to help educate and encour- age young members of our community to become involved in caring for the beautiful natural resources that surround us here in Eagles Mere. At this time, The Board is putting out a call for nominations to our members to elicit mature, dedicated, and interested youth between the ages of 13-18 years of age. Four individuals will be chosen. We request that you submit a short bio on the individual as well as why you feel they would be appropriate in this role. Please submit all nominations to Robin Sheedy at sheedy1968@verizon.net by 15 June 2010. The four individuals will be contacted by 30 June 2010. The Junior Advisory Board will hold three meetings during the summer of 2010 and will put together a small reforestation project with the assistance of Robin Sheedy, Ellen Klarsch, and Mary Kalady. Each individual will hold a specific role on this board. The individual elected president will be the spokesperson for the board and will report back to the Conservancy Board.

Thank you for your consideration.

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