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Kids’ Corner

Jordyn alke , age 11 I enjoy the activities that the EM Conservancy hosts each summer. My favorite activity is Gnome Homes which we have been participating in for as long as I can remember. Every year, we build a new home on the same site along the railroad bed and every year gets better! Recently we have been building the home with the Sheedy family which is a lot of fun. I also enjoy Bug Olympics where you pick out bugs that you think will run fast to win a race, to win at hopscotch and sometimes to win the high jump. The teams win Olympic medals and Irene plays the Olympic song on her kazoo at the award ceremony. Irene and Viv always make sure that we know about the insects body parts and tell us about bugs that are in Eagles Mere. I remember the beautiful moth that I would have thought was a butterfly. The activities at the Conservancy are fun and you learn from them as well.

Walker, Sheedy, and Clarke children share a morning of Gnome Home building with family and friends.

JB Sheed , age 8 “I like the Conservancy because you get to build gnome homes and I get to see my friends there each year and build with them. It’s a lot of fun. I also had fun learning about snakes in our area and then getting to make my own.”

Caitlin Sheed , age 10 “I love to go to the Conservancy because I get to learn about nature. I really liked doing the Pond Poke because you got to see small fish and frogs and put them in the little tanks and you got to see what you caught. It was really cool to see what we caught out of the pond. I also love building gnome homes and getting to see my friends there. We build on what we did the previous year or we rebuild it if it was dam- aged.

Daniel Hendr , age 12 “There are many things I love about the Conservancy. For one, the gnome homes are awesome. I love just making tiny little houses with my buddy Sam Baker. Another is the Conservancy trail, it has so many won- derful things on that trail you should check it out! A great thing for exercise is taking your dogs for a walk on the trails, its really fun.”

Courson Grey enjoying time in the playhouse.

Courson Gra , age 6 “One reason I love going to Eagles Mere each summer is to go to the Conservancy Cabin by the pond. I love catching frogs and fish and seeing the lillies. I like all of the things from different kinds of animals in The Cabin. Playing in the play- house next to The Cabin is lots of fun too! I like learning about the different creatures that live in the forest around Eagles Mere.”

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