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Salem Business Journal





Salem, OregOn

nOvember 2006

vOl. 2, nO 11

Salem Companies Flourish Through $1.3 Billion Bridge Program

BY keldA reriChA

The economic seeds planted by the OTIA III State Bridge Delivery Program are bearing fruit in Salem and other cities across the state. The $1.3 billion bridge program, which was created by the 2003 Legislature as part of the Oregon Transportation Investment Act III, is not only repairing or replacing hundreds of aging bridges across the state, it is spurring economic development for businesses and individual workers.

trucking will no longer be delayed bringing goods into the city. Construction jobs will increase and workers on the line will be learning skills transferable to vertical construction in the city. The bridge program is securing a sustainable workforce that Salem will need long into the future.

The following are profiles of six Salem companies that have either opened or expanded offices in the city since the beginning of the bridge program.

The bridge program has had a major economic impact in Salem. Many companies working on the program have opened offices in the city. Those offices are employing people in everything from office jobs to engineering and design jobs. Employees at these companies are buying homes or renting apartments, grocery shopping, seeing movies, having dinner out.

And all of this economic opportunity has grown out of the bridge program.

There’s more to come. New highway bridges north, south, east and west of Salem are being replaced meaning commercial

hW lochner inc. Lochner Inc opened a Salem office in July 2003 to work on the bridge program and hired 13 full-time employees by August 2004. One year later, its workforce blossomed to 26 full-time employees.

“At least half of our current employees have jobs because of the bridge work,” said Karen Reynolds, vice president and office manager of the firm’s Salem office. “Our Salem office doubled in size in just one year because of the program.”

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Salem’s Carousel Celebrates Five Years

Graham Aviation Approved for Career Training Funding

BY MiChAel PATriCk O’COnnOr

“We want to make good pilots and this is where it starts.”

Those words were delivered by Graham Aviation Services, LLC Owner Jim Graham as he announced that his company has been approved to offer career financial aid. The arrangement creates a funding mechanism for aspiring pilots to study for and acquire a private pilot’s license along with a mandatory instrument rating and pilot in command cross-country time.

Visit the Carousel’s donation box this holiday season. Story on page 6

Since opening its hangar doors 18 months ago, Graham Aviation Services has added a

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Graham Aviation Services owner Jim Graham at the Salem Airport


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