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november 2006

Salem business Journal

Winters earns “Best Friend of Oregon’s elders” Award

State Senator Jackie Winters (R-Salem) was awarded the Oregon Alliance of Senior and Health Service’s highest legislative honor Tuesday. The recognition as a “Best Friend of Oregon’s Elders” is given to elected officials who have demonstrated exemplary leadership on behalf of older Oregonians.

“They say that you will know who your true friends are during the worst times, for they are the ones who stick by you despite adversity,” said Cathleen Sullivan, President of Oregon Alliance of Senior and Health Services. “Oregon has certainly faced some tough challenges over the past several years, and we want you to know how much we appreciate your unwavering commitment to Oregon’s elders when that support was most needed.”

Senator Jackie Winters has always been regarded as a leader on issues pertaining to health care and aging. She has also been a champion for reducing the cost of prescription drugs, maintaining funding for Oregon Project Independence and ensuring

State Senator Jackie Winters

that the most needy and vulnerable are not without options for care.

“I am honored to be chosen for this award,” said Winters. “I have always considered it one of the highest duties, responsibilities and greatest privileges to care for and protect the rights of older Oregonians. We owe them so much, honoring them in these small ways is the least we can do.”

Marian estates nursing Care Facility is Deficiency Free

Marian Estates Nursing Care Facility, Reece Healthcare Center has just received a deficiency free survey from the Client Care Monitoring Unit, or CCMU of the Oregon Department of Human Services.

The mission of the CCMU is to empower and support the elderly and disabled in Oregon long term care institutions by evaluating and monitoring quality of life and care. The Unit operates a statewide program which performs federally mandated surveys for Medicare/ Medicaid certification of long term care facilities and for state licensure of long term care and residential care facilities. These surveys are intended to ensure that care and services rendered to residents of these facilities are adequate and of

appropriate quality.

Surveys are performed with no-notice at long term care facilities to evaluate compliance with federal and state rules. Teams observe conditions and care of residents. They also inspect and evaluate patient records and other records of the facility. Follow up visits and actions are performed between surveys.

Marian Estates staff and residents are excited about this accomplishment and continue to strive for excellence. They are especially proud since this deficiency free survey comes on the heels of one received for the Assisted Living Facility, the Elliott Residence in August.

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