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november 2006

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into their financial plan, they moved to a more strategic interest-only mortgage. They kept the same loan balance but were able to reduce their monthly payments to $1,133, a savings of $786 per month. They invest the $786 savings each month, and assuming a 6% rate of return, will have enough money in their investment account to pay off their mortgage in 19 years. Therefore, by simply redirecting a portion of their monthly mortgage payment, they were able to shave 11 years off their original 30-year mortgage. They also received the benefits of having their cash in a more liquid and safe position throughout the process.

Consul Planner Interest

t a Professional Mortgage


and deferred interest

mortgages can be powerful tools to create wealth when used correctly. However, far too often homeowners use these loans incorrectly and for the wrong reasons. This article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as a substitution for obtaining specific advice from your CPA, CFP and a qualified mortgage professional regarding your particular situation.

David Chandler is the branch manager of the Salem office of Countrywide Home Loans, Inc., the #1 residential home loan lender in the nation. The office just recently relocated and can now be found at 250 Church Street SE Suite 100, Salem, Oregon 97301. Home loan experts are available to assist customers with a full array of mortgage financing options at 503-316-6100. Additional information about the company’s products and services is also available online at www. countrywide.com.

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italian Traditions at Christmas Lullu’s Tidbits: Lullu Truitt It might seem a little premature, but Christmas is coming, and I would like to share with you some Italian customs.

Italy is divided into regions, and each one has its own holiday celebration and is proud of them. As I said before, maybe the new generation doesn’t follow them to the letter, and maybe they are modifing them to fit their new life style, thus creating a new tradition and making it their own.

How do you reach the the “ never eat again stage: First of all we have to go shopping for our

special ingredients: cauliflower, escarole

Clams, eel, broccoli, , mixed nuts, dry figs,

Panettone and other sweets.

The whole

The first non food tradition is, of course, the Nativity Scene. Sometimes the “Pastori” as the figurines are called in Italian, (they are part of the nativity scene) are handed down from one generation to the next. A lot of them those are really works of art,

and Naples is very famous for it.


of the real Pastori

  • -

    called Zampognari-

would come down they will play the

from the mountains and zampogna (bag pipe) to
















Claus)….it’s on that one,

probably since he

not worth dwelling is well known all the

way to the North Pole. Christmas tree.

And ditto for the

Now for food traditions –my interest is very acute on this subject – we can share a lot. First of all, the 24th of December is a big date (aside from the fact that I meet my husband on that day). You can eat for quite a long time until you are ready to explode, but, you keep on eating because you don’t know when are you coming back to Italy, so you might as well try one more thing. Besides, you can walk it off the next day! Oh yes, you tell yourself that you will never eat again!!!!!!

family is involved in the execution of the dinner that will start at 7:00 P.M. and will

last until midnight…or later!

You noticed

that I have not mention any kind of We don’t eat on this day!


As antipasto you will have some nuts and munchies while one of the family members will set the table. At the table you will eat as an antipasto “ Baked mussels “ and Falanghina as wine, followed by “ Linguine alle vongole “ as the main course ( I think all of them are main courses-but Italians will never agree with that). Then you will have “Capitone “ (eel could measure up to 40”) that you take home while is still alive – that is another story- that you will cook in a light tomato sauce, or fried only with flour. This dish is then followed by ” Pizza di scarole.” This is not a real pizza. There is dough at the bottom of a baking dish; you fill it with

escarole and then you top it with one more layer of dough and you bake it. At this point you can only imagine the wonderful smells that permeate the house. That pizza is only the pre-salad dish. You have at this point already made “ Insalata di rinforzo “ wich is cauliflower with black and green olives, potatoes, anchovies,and giardiniera (pickled vegetables) with an oil and vinegar dressing and then the “Insalata di Broccoli.”

All of the above has been complimented by an abundance of wonderful wines.

Wait, we are not done yet! Some family members that were not involved in the cooking will clear the table to make room for dessert. Now Panettone, Struffoli, figs and miniature desserts will be served with some Spumante and Vin Santo.

Bottom line: Never say Never. Tomorrow is another day!

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