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november 2006

Salem business Journal


Barbara Bassett Makes a lasting impression

BY MiChAel PATriCk O’COnnOr

If a picture is worth a thousand words, Silverton artist Barbara Bassett’s impressionistic paintings are worth one thousand more. This Renaissance woman moved here from Salt Lake City, Utah where she once headed the Utah State Bar Association and also had an international consulting firm in the health care industry. Relocation to Silverton became necessary when husband Roger Roper was hired to manage the State of Oregon’s historic





conveniently sandwiched the couple between Barbara’s parents in Jacksonville, Oregon and Barbara’s grown daughter, a physician at University of Washington’s Children’s Hospital.

Bassett’s art career began after putting her child through medical school. She then did something that novels are made of, slinging a backpack full of art supplies over her shoulders to attend the Etruscan Art School














the dynamics might be. She has a love of color and enjoys using it to express her passion in life.”

Bassett’s style has also drawn praise from Elizabeth Nielsen of the revered Art Institute of Chicago who opined, “Her (Barbara’s) attention to color is strengthened by her attention to light. Her images glow. Seemingly ordinary objects become heightened to reveal an almost other-worldly presence emanating from within them. Her paintings, observational in a respectful yet perceptive way, draw the viewer into the piece emotionally. It is easy to stand in front of her paintings and find yourself engaged with her subjects’ relationships, and the spaces surrounding them.

“lunch Counter” from lens to canvas

Artist Barbara Bassett

described “alla prima” or “all at once” style is a definite eye catcher.

Bassett’s works distill life’s essence to subtle, yet telling moments on canvas. For me, they evoke a style reminiscent of the Russian master Ilya Yefimovich Repin.

Art Instructor Gregory Stocks is a fan of Bassett’s work and has stated, “Barbara approaches her narrative realism work with an eye for color, light and the intimate atmosphere of urban and private spaces. Intrigued by the relationships that are being played out in theses spaces, her painterly style creates mood and atmosphere, and gives the viewer only subtle hints of what

Bassett opened 2006 with a show titled “Salem and Beyond” at the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery here, in Salem, followed by a solo show in Seattle. For the past three months an installation of her work has been gracing the walls of downtown Salem’s Wild Pear restaurant.

Two other galleries have recently invited Bassett to showcase her work. Collectors can also see Bassett’s paintings at Kabanu Gallery in Bend, and she will have a show at the new Attic Gallery location in Portland’s Pearl District next May.

Bassett does do commissioned work. To learn about pricing and to get a look at her portfolio that includes everything from Cityscapes/Landscapes to Figures and Interiors go to barbarabassett.com.

Development Opportunities:

Flight instructor Jim Graham at home in his flight training center

Albany – For Sale:

    • 3.3

      Acres zoned Light Industrial near I-5 -3055 Salem Ave. $1,175,000.00

    • 4.63

      Acres zoned CC across from new Ray’s Market – Hickory Street $1,210,916.00

    • 1.11

      Acres zoned CC between Chevron and Jiffy Lube – North Albany Rd $535,790.00

Salem – For Sale 1.63 Acres zoned RA Homestead Road $250,000.00

Woodburn – For Sale 1.25 Acres zoned GC across from WalMart, I-5 visibility Stacey Allison Way $974,250.00

Please call for office, retail, and industrial leasing opportunities. . . .


Elaine Gesik, Broker

graham aviation...Continued from page 

second plane and is currently helping ten students become pilots. However, further growth of the business required a financial conduit to help cash poor students enjoy the same opportunity.

“Many of the people coming in the door to ask about getting their private pilot rating were disappointed in the fact that it was cost prohibitive…especially (for) young people who want to get into aviation for a

career,” Graham explained.

For planning

purposes, company literature suggests that a student budget approximately $8,500 to fulfill mandatory Federal Aviation Administration requirements to become a

licensed pilot. The price tag is not unfair when one takes into account that fuel costs have risen dramatically along with insurance costs since 9-11. Maintenance costs to meet FAA requirements have also risen steadily, according to Graham.

Growth is definitely the goal at Graham Aviation Services. Jim Graham would like to add another five students at this time and is also actively seeking the services of another qualified flight instructor. Graham said he is confident that the career funding option will remove a roadblock for potential students and allow for a 50% growth in Graham Aviation Services’ student body.

The sky is now the limit, according to Graham.

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