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Supporting preservice teachers in this transition to the profession by discussing issues with them, suggesting books and articles, and helping preservice teachers to continue to refine their personal philosophies about teaching and learning

Conducting evaluations of preservice teachers based on performance criteria set by the UW CoEd

Providing feedback and proactive strategies to help preservice teachers develop effective student and classroom behavior management

Reinforcing and supporting the theoretical concepts, knowledge, and skills presented in the WTEP and supplementing these with professional experience and district expectations

Expectations for effective communication and interpersonal skills across various constituencies

Preparation workshops will be held each year during the semester preceding the Residency semester (Phase IIIB of the WTEP). It is anticipated that the workshops will be one half day with portions devoted to (a) general WTEP policies and expectations (preservice and mentor teachers), (b) role, responsibilities, and other program-specific information (preservice teachers), and (c) role, responsibilities, and mentoring strategies (mentor teachers). It is also anticipated that the development and delivery of the workshop will require the participation of UW Faculty/Consultants, Partner School faculty representatives, former preservice mentor teachers, and OTE staff. It is anticipated that these workshops will lay the foundation for further interactions among university and school faculty and the preservice teacher during the Residency semester focused on professional development and renewal in the Partner School sites. It will be the responsibility of the OTE to collaborate with representatives from each regional site to develop the final agenda for each annual workshop. Data collected from the Reflections Checklist (see below) will be used to adapt the content for future workshops to be relevant and contemporary for experienced and novice preservice mentor teachers.


An additional accreditation criterion for the UW CoEd is documenting a systematic process for monitoring the effectiveness of preservice mentor teachers. The Reflections Checklist is intended for three purposes:

(1) provide an opportunity for faculty self-reflection in their role related to preservice teacher mentoring and supervision;

(2) provide needs assessment data regarding topics/issues that will inform the preparation of preservice mentor teachers; and

(3) provide a data source for documenting UW CoEd participation in monitoring effectiveness of the mentoring provided by faculty during preservice Residency.

At the end of a Residency semester, the preservice mentor teacher will complete the Reflections Checklist. It is anticipated that this reflection will serve to support improvements in mentoring for faculty and encourage mutual reflection about areas for WTEP program improvement related to the respective mentoring roles and responsibilities. Preservice mentor teachers will complete the checklist by marking the criteria that best describe the specific mentoring experience. Preservice teachers will complete a parallel checklist for their assigned mentor teacher(s). Completed checklists will be provided to the UW Director of Teacher Education for compilation, sharing of compiled data, and archiving. These rubrics are not intended for use as evaluation data for preservice mentor teachers. Data will be shared in

aggregated forms only.



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