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Mentor Teacher Semester Checklist

Before the Student Teacher Arrives

___Participate in the required regional Preparation Workshop with your student teacher.

___Arrange a suitable work space for the student teacher.

___Read the relevant sections of the WTEP Handbook—those related to Residency.

___Review the outcomes rubric.

___Clarify questions of responsibility or expectation with the UW Faculty/Consultant.

___Enter important deadlines on the school calendar (e.g., midterm due date, final due date, etc.).

Early in the Residency Semester

___Have a conversation with the student teacher to ensure that both of you understand evaluation processes, requirements, responsibilities, and deadlines as documented in the WTEP Handbook.

___Discuss the outcomes rubric.

___Prepare questions for the UW Faculty/Consultant visit.

___Develop a tentative semester plan with the student teacher.

___Assist the student teacher in arranging for video equipment to complete the one lesson videotaping requirements.

___Clarify and discuss your school calendar, expectations for participation in before/after school activities, and important school district dates.

___Discuss with the student teacher any unique needs/situations of children in this class.

Midway through the Semester

___Continue to review the outcomes with the student teacher on a regular basis.

___Make notations on the rubric throughout the semester.

___Provide lesson planning support and feedback; facilitate videotaping the selected lesson.

___Debrief the videotaped lesson, lesson plan, and written critique with the student teacher.

___Review the draft of the professional portfolio and inquire as to progress on other evaluation documents.

___Help the student teacher schedule a mock interview.

___Complete the midterm evaluation with the student teacher and provide feedback focused on professional growth and improvement.

___Give the midterm evaluation to the UW Faculty/Consultant. Keep a copy for your file and note the date that you gave the completed document to the UW Faculty/Consultant.

End of the Semester

___Complete the exit evaluation with the student teacher.

___Complete the final evaluation with the student teacher.

___Remind the student teacher to give all evaluation documents to the UW Faculty/Consultant. Keep a copy for your file.

Final Week of Residency

___Verify that all loaned teaching materials have been returned.

___Verify that all keys have been returned.

___Collect student grades and/or evaluations.

___Complete the Preservice Mentor Teacher Reflections form and mail it to the OTE or give it to your UW Faculty/Consultant.

Suggested Residency Experiences


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