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“The student of teaching, during his field experience, is an employee of the district…for the purpose of workman’s compensation and liability insurance as provided for other district employees” (The Education Laws of Wyoming Annotated, 2005, Chapter 21-21-104, p. 607).


This policy statement is intended to maximize focus on the educational aspects of your Residency semester. Additionally, it serves to clarify the criteria and process for the consideration of requests related to opportunities that result in monetary gain paid by a district to a candidate during the residency semester. Candidates, school administrators, mentor teachers, clinical faculty, UW consultants, UW faculty, and staff in the Office of Teacher Education are expected to abide by these policies. [Effective Fall Semester 2004]


There may be occasions when a candidate’s mentor teacher is absent and the candidate may be asked to assume responsibility for the mentor teacher’s classroom1. Candidates who may be considered for substitute teaching are those students enrolled in EDST 3000, EDEL 4109, 4309, 4409, EDSE 4000, 42XX, and EDEL/EDSE 4500 AND those who also meet these additional criteria:

Another faculty member (or building administrator) with close physical proximity to the candidate’s classroom assumes supervision of the preservice candidate

The candidate has a valid Wyoming substitute permit

The building principal provides a brief written statement of approval that the candidate provides to the UW Faculty/Consultant

The mentor teacher recommends the candidate for the substitute responsibility

The substitute assignment is in the candidate’s assigned classroom

The maximum number of days allowed during one semester is five without seeking written permission for an extended term (see below)

The candidate has the prerogative to decline the substitute opportunity

It is the responsibility of the candidate to notify her/his UW Faculty/Consultant immediately when they accept a substitute assignment, regardless of the length of that assignment.

Request for an extended term as a substitute under extraordinary circumstances:

If emergency circumstances arise and there is no qualified substitute available in the district, the district may apply for an extension beyond the allowable five days under this additional policy:

The building principal must submit a written request for approval to the College of Education Manager of Student Advising (housed in the Office of Teacher Education—766-2230). The request must include: (a) the anticipated term of the requested extension, (b) statement of who will assume supervision of the candidate and how often that supervision will occur, (c) the candidate signature that he/she agrees that they are comfortable with the revised supervision plan, (d) acknowledgement that the “substitute supervisor” is responsible for completing all UW evaluation and observation responsibilities in lieu of the mentor teacher until he/she returns, and (e) signature of the building principal verifying district approval of the request.

Such requests should be submitted as much in advance as possible. All requests are subject to review for approval through the Office of Teacher Education. The Manager of Student


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