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What WTEP Candidates are informed of as they enter Phase III of their program:

Phase III placements will be made in participating Partner School Districts in Wyoming to the extent possible given other CoEd and district constraints. Research indicates that preservice teachers benefit from an academic experience that revolves around a partnership with University faculty, public school mentor teachers and the student teacher. In order to facilitate such a partnership, the CoEd is working closely with seven Wyoming school districts to provide such placements. Final placement decisions for Phase III applicants are made collaboratively by CoEd faculty and Partner School district personnel. Administrative and logistic support for the placement process and for communication with candidates occurs in the OTE. The OTE has absolutely no influence in the placement process. Once a placement is confirmed for you, you will receive a letter from your major department with grade/subject assignment, school/district assignment, mentor teacher name and contact information. Every effort will be made to place resident teachers in education settings that enhance their opportunity for a successful experience. Once placements have been made they are considered final.

Candidates should take extra care in the compilation of the Phase III application. Please review the previous section that includes instructions and suggestions for the completion of this application. Your application will be shared with the collaborative faculty and administrative teams that make final placement decisions. Your application may be considered by one or more of the PLC teams depending upon factors that are outside your control (e.g., number of mentor teachers available in a particular content area, particular strengths of a mentor teacher, number of students needing a placement in your major content area).

Secondary placements are concentrated in these districts for 2010

Albany County School District #1

Laramie County School District #1

Natrona County School District #1

Reasons for this Policy and Procedure:


Reasons for placement in specific Partner Schools and with specific mentor teachers cannot be given due to confidential considerations relevant to specific schools, their administration and faculties.


The WTEP recognizes that residents and mentor teachers may not be able to be matched in terms of philosophy, teaching style/method, or personality, but every effort will be made to find a suitable match.


Residency students must recognize the fact that our partner schools are not required to accept resident teachers. Therefore, residents are guests in classrooms, schools, and the community.


Based on much previous experience, we know that changing placements can have a negative impact on the entire WTEP, the residency student, and the partner relationship with the district or Partner School (faculties and administration).


Residency students cannot have individual choice in the placement due to grade level limitations in the Partner Schools, the district/building capacity of willing and qualified mentor teachers, and the need for your UW faculty to make collaborative assignments in the best interest of all eligible residency candidates during any given spring semester.


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